Friday, February 27, 2009

Imran Khan--A ray of hope

The politically deceived public of Pakistan has no more hopes and trust on the traditional selfish politicians struggling for their own vested interests, chanting emotional slogans and fraudulent speeches to make the innocent public fool. These politicians have nothing to do for the betterment of the commoners and the nation's condition is continuously worsening day by day.
In such a dark situation, Imran Khan has emerged as a ray of hope for the distressed people of Pakistan. Imran Khan's progressive vision, philosophy of judicial and economical justice, clear stance over CJ issue, balanced views about FATA and Swat has shown his great leadership qualities. Imran Khan is a politician without any corruption history (very rare in Pakistan).
If the nation wants to get rid of the selfish, self centered and corrupt politician and wants a progressive, economically and politically sound Pakistan, they will have to join hands with Imran khan.

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