Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is PTI going to make any alliance or deal with Pervez Musharraf?

Critics of PTI are of the view that Imran Khan holds a soft corner for former dictator Pervez Musharraf and there is a possibility of alliance between PTI and APML(All Pakistan Muslim League). However, PTI chairman Imran Khan has a very clear stance on it and he has reiterated on various occasions that any alliance with Musharraf is not possible as he has done some serious crimes which needs to be taken into the courts of justice.

 Yesterday, Khursheed Kasuri who recently joined PTI, met with Pervez Musharraf in Dubhai which made a big roar against PTI in print and electronic media saying that this may lead to any formal alliance/cooperation between the two parties. However, PTI leadership has made it clear that even if Kasuri met with Musharraf, it was in his personal capacity and not on behalf of party. Moreover, a show cause notice has been served to Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri for this meeting. According to reliable sources, Kasuri met with Musharraf just for a few minutes informally in a wedding and it was not a planned meeting at all.

Dr Arif Alvi who is secretary general of PTI has strongly reacted on such news and said that there is zero possibility of any deal with former dictator Musharraf and PTI is clear about it. In a press release issued by Dr. Arif Alvi, it's clearly stated that it was just an accidental meeting with no political motives.
pti press release about meeting of musharraf and khursheed kasuri

Javed Hashmi who joined PTI recently has also denied any possibility of alliance with Musharraf. He said that he talked to Imran Khan just a day back and Imran Khan has categorically denied any such possibility and called it a political suicide for his party to have alliances with any such criminals. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

PTI Jalsa At Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi on 25th December A Great Success

 PTI has shaken the politics of Pakistan after a historic jalsa at Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi on 25th December 2011 where a huge public gathered to extend their full support for Imran Khan's party--PTI. According to media reports, more than half a million people were there in PTI Karachi Jalsa. The crowd was highly charged, motivated and they were raising slogans for change, for PTI leadership, for a new Pakistan and for removal of current corrupt government.
Javed Hashmi speech in PTI Karachi jalsa was the most emotional speech which brought a lot of energy and charge in the audience. During his speech slogans like "Han Mai Baghi hon" and "Aik Bahadur Aadmi, Hashmi Hashmi" were echoing near the tomb of Jinah. He said that he joined PTI for a greater cause and for national interest as he thinks Imran Khan is the only ray of hope in current scenario and he is the only one who can bring a real democratic change in the country. He waved the flag of PTI during his speech which became a worth remembering moment for the people of Pakistan. 

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who is the vice Chairman of PTI, also delivered a sentimental speech in his own way. He clarified his stance about security of Pakistan's nuclear assets and said that there is no physical threat to Nukes but policy threats are there from the current corrupt government. 

Justice Waji Ud Din Ahmad in his speech said that just like our elders proudly tell their children and grand children about 23rd March 1940 Jalsa, the audience of this historic jalsa will be telling to their children and grand children that they were part of this jalsa which aimed to make a new Pakistan--free of corruption and based on the principles of Justice and equality.
PTI chairman Imran Khan in his speech shared PTI vision on how to bring a real change in Pakistan. He reiterated his stance on supremacy of judiciary, equality in educational system, reforms in government system, reforms in police system, free health services for poor, free education for all, special incentives for investors, special status for Baluchistan, improvement of law and order situation and various other key issues. He said that none will be above the law in PTI government and Imran Khan will also be fined if he does over speeding.
Others who spoke in PTI Karachi Jalsa include Ahsan Rasheed PTI Punjab President, Asad Qaiser PTI KPK president, Qasim Suri PTI Baluchistan President, Naeem Ul Haq PTI Sindh President, Hamid Khan PTI Senior Vice President, Fozia Kusoori PTI Women Wing president, Azam Sawati, Khursheed Kasuri, Jehangir Tareen and Abrar Ul Haq.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Imran Khan PTI Party Position in Hazara

 Like all other parts of the country, PTI is becoming extremely popular in Hazara division also after joining of some notable political leaders from Haripur, Mansehra and Abbottabad in PTI. Popularity graph of PTI in Hazara has reached to a very high level which has become a serious threat for PML-N, PML-Q and other parties who have been the major forces in Hazara division for so long.
Imran Khan after having huge public rallies in Lahore, Attock, Peshawar, Mardan and other parts of the country, entered in Hazara division and held a huge Jalsa in Khanpur on 15th December. In this jalsa Raja Amir Zaman announced to join PTI. Raja Amir Zaman is ex-district Nazim of Haripur and he has a strong political background and is very popular among masses in Haripur. In this jalsa of PTI, more than 50 thousand people gathered and it was considered the biggest jalsa in the history of Khanpur.
pti haripur hazara jalsaJust two days after the successful jalsa of PTI in Khanpur Haripur, Imran Khan entered again in Hazara and held another massive jalsa in Ghazi, Haripur. According to sources, more than 60 thousand people were present in this occasion. Before speaking on this jalsa, another prominent figure of Haripur, Yousuf Ayub announced to join PTI in a press conference. In this jalsa various top class political leaders of PTI were present including Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Omar Cheema, Khawaja Khan Muhammad Hoti, Asad Qaisar, Shah Farman, Sardar Khan, Kamal Ghaznavi, Asif Zubair Shaikh and Zahid Kazmi.
 In both jalsas of PTI in Hazara, ISF played key role in public mobilization to bring maximum people towards jalsa. Success of PTI jalsa in Khanpur and Ghazi has proved that Imran Khan is becoming a real power in all parts of the country and will be giving a tough time to his political rivals.
Another breakthrough for PTI in politics of Mansehra Hazara came in the form of Azam Sawati who joined PTI after resigning from his senate seat of JUI-F. Azam Khan Sawati is a key political figure of Mansehra who became famous after exposing the corruption of federal minister for religious affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi.  Azam Swati is a very clean political leader who brought all his assets in Pakistan. He didn't take any salary or incentives from government even during his ministry. Joining of Azam Swati in PTI will give PTI a big boost in Mansehra.
PTI has got a big strength in District Abbottabad too after joining of Khursheed Azam Khan in PTI. Khursheed Azam Khan is ex-MPA of PML-N and he belongs to Havelian Tehsil of Abbottabad. PTI has also got a lot of public support in other parts of district Abbottabad including Lora, Seer Sharqi, Seer Gharbi, Circle Bakote and other parts of Galyat. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Which party is better? PTI or PML-N?

PML-N Ruled two times but failed to implement their manifestoPTI Never came into power but served this nation in the form of Shokat Khanum Hospital and NAMAL college
PML-N leaders assets are outside Pakistan.PTI leader Imran Khan earned money outside Pakistan but brought money back in Pakistan.
PML-N is a family party where power in concentrated in Sharif's family.PTI is not a family party and Imran Khan has categorically said that only merit will prevail in PTI.
PML-N first opposed operation in Swat and Waziristan but later bowed their head and supported it.PTI is stick to its principle stand on warn on terror from day one and always opposed military actions in civilian's areas.
PML-N leader Siddi Al Farooq has accepted on media that PML-N is made by establishment.PTI believes on public support and 15 years struggle of PTI is solely based on public support.

Is PTI a establishment supported party?

Imran Khan and establishment After an immense popularity of PTI and historic public rally at Minar-e-Pakistan, PML-N has started a blame game against PTI. thousands of common people and hundreds of electable from different parties are moving towards PTI and looking at the situation, PML-N and other status quo parties have started feeling insecurity and they are afraid of this growing popularity of PTI in all regions of the country. PML-N has started a media war against PTI and several key leaders of PML-N are accusing that establishment is supporting PTI. 
Is establishment behind PTI? Certainly not. The struggle of PTI started in 1997 and Imran Khan and his party workers kept on working on their principles and they showed a strong stand on all issues of local, national and international level. Here is an answer to PML-N propaganda against PTI:
  • Only those parties or political leaders seek support of establishment or any hidden forces who come into the politics for grabbing money or to hide their corruption. PTI leader could easily come into power by accepting Musharaf's deal but he didn't. Musharaf offered him to be the prime minister but he  took a principle stand and preferred to be in opposition than to act as a dummy PM.
  • Those who want to earn a name by coming into power, seek help from establishment. Imran Khan got a name internationally through his cricket profession and didn't need any more. He is in politics not to earn a name, but to serve this nation.
  • Imran Khan never met ISI chief or Army chief in dark nights like Chaudhry Nisar or Mian Shahbaz Sharif. He met once with General Shujah Pasha and disclosed it publicly and said that only war on terror was the agenda of discussion. He always criticized role of Pakistan government and army in so-called war on terror. How a establishment supported leader can speak so boldly like him.
  • Thousands of young people like me are supporting him not because of any ISI influence or so. We all support him because of his principle stance on all issues, his great charity work, his bold policy statements, his vision to bring Pakistan into a state where it can stand on its own feet and because of the dark scenario that has been created by other family politicians.
  • Imran Khan could have taken a good number of seats in 2008 elections because of his active role in judiciary movement, but on principles, he sacrificed and didn't contest the elections. A leader who stands on principles doesn't need any establishment support to come into power.

Nawaz Sharif's Team--Corrupt Politicians of PML-N

PML-N claims to be a party of principles and they often blame other parties of corruption. Look at the following list of PMLN leaders and decide yourself.
pmln corrupt team

Baseless Allegations of PML-N on Imran Khan and the reality

After a historic jalsa of PTI in Lahore and then seeing a tsunami of change in the whole country, PML-N has started dirty politics of baseless allegations on Imran Khan just they did at the time of 1997 elections. PML-N MNA Hanif Abbasi who left Jamat e Islami and joined PML-N for 2008 elections ticket, made some serious yet baseless allegations on PTI chairman Imran Khan.
Hanif Abbasi accused Imran Khan that in 1987, Punjab chief minister Mian Nawaz Sharif gave him a plot on the condition of not selling it but Imran Khan sold it for personal benefits. The fact remains totally different as Imran Khan cleared his position in another TV show. Imran Khan told public that after 1987 worldcup and then after 1992 world cup, every player of Pakistan cricket team was awarded a plot as a reward for their brilliant performance and so was the case with Imran Khan. Imran Khan later donated both of these plots to Shokat Khanum Memorial Hospital and so their remains no truth in stupid allegations of PML-N MNA Hanif Abbasi. 
 Second allegation of Hanif Abbasi on PTI Chairman Imran Khan was that Shokat Khanum boards of directors is taking more than 100,000 Rupees pay each. SKMH boar of directors have reacted very strongly on this false accusation and said that all of them are working voluntarily and not taking even a penny as pay.  They further said that they reserve the right of going in court against Hanif Abbasi who tried to put false allegations on a charity hospital where more than 70 percent patients are being treated freely. Shokat Khanum Memorial cancer hospital's board also rejected Hanif Abbasi's allegations that Imran Khan's own relatives are in Board of directors. Board said that there are 22 members of this board and only 3 are Imran Khan's relatives and none is getting any salary over there. 
Amir Mughal who is PTI Islamabad leader, while talking to Express News categorically denied all these baseless allegations of PML-N on PTI chairman and said that PML-N is trying to divert the attention of public from its corruption and for this they are trying to blame Imran Khan. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dr Kamran Abbas Awan from Lodhran Joins PTI

dr kamran abbas awan from lodhran joins pti
 Dr Kamran Abbas Awan who contested previous election as an Independent candidate, formally announced to join PTI after his separate meetings with PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PTI Punjab President Ahsan Rasheed

 Dr Kamran Abbas Awan contested election from NA-155 Lodhran II and remained at third position. 

Muhammad Akhtar Khan Kanju, another independent candidate won the elction by securing about 80 thousands votes. Although, Dr Kamran Abbas Awan managed to get only about 4 thousands votes, now it's expected that he will be able to make a stronger competition by making strong organization of PTI in district Lodhran. 

  It's important to mention here that Malik Mumtaz Khan Joia who is district organizer of PTI in Lodhran is doing a great job in the region to strengthen PTI at grass root level. PTI chairman Imran Khan and PTI Punjab president Ahsan Rasheed has warmly welcomed Dr Kamran Abbas in PTI and hoped that PTI will get more strength in the region after his joining.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Imran Khan Team--Top Ten Leaders of PTI

 Imran Khan is often criticized by his political opponents that he doesn't have a strong team in his party and his party is just One Man Show. This is mainly because of media as most of the leaders of PTI aren't invited on TV talk shows and hence, people feel that PTI doesn't have a strong team. However, the truth remains that PTI had a very strong team of highly capable people even before joining of new heavy weight politicians.
Here is a small list of 10 key members of Imran Khan's team:
Imran Khan Team

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Imran Khan And Pakistan--Article by Ajmal Abbasi

Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Reasons to Vote for PTI

why vote for pti
In next election, like hundreds of thousands of other young educated people of Pakistan, I also aim to vote for PTI and I support Imran Khan. This is not because of any personal affiliation or personal love with Imran Khan as an individual, rather it's based on some solid reasons. Here are 10 Reasons which attract me towards Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and make my mind to vote for PTI:

  1. All other parties like PPP and PML-N are tested multiple times and they failed to deliver and to meet expectations of the people of Pakistan. These parties became family parties and gave rise to a monarchy disguised as a democracy.
  2. PTI's manifesto and its 15+ years struggle is another reason of my attraction. Imran Khan continued his struggle and never lost hope. He never compromised on his principles and rejected the offer of seats by PML-N in 1997 and then Prime ministership offer by Pervez Musharaf was also rejected by him. Although, he did a mistake of supporting Musharaf in his referendum but later he not only accepted his mistake but also sought pardon from the public. This attribute of admitting a mistake is only associated with the leaders of high character.
  3. Imran Khan served this nation even before coming into any power. With the help of the people of Pakistan, he made Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer hospital and Research center in Lahore. He also opened NAMAL college in Mianwali where syllabus of Bradford University UK is being taught and students are getting UK degree at nominal charges. A leader who has pain of his fellow people in his heart can do such great work. 
  4. Imran Khan has a very clear, just and bold stance on all national and international issues. His just stance on war on terror greatly delights me. He is the only leader in Pakistan who is raising the voice for people being killed in Drone Attacks. 
  5. Imran Khan doesn't have even a single charge of corruption and even his opponents admit his integrity and honesty.
  6. Imran Khan earned the money outside Pakistan but brought all his assets in Pakistan and proved himself a genuine Pakistani leader. Only those leaders who have stake in Pakistan, can be sincere with the country and those who have their assets undeclared and outside Pakistan, can't be sincere with Pakistan.
  7. Imran Khan's stance on corruption and his determination to root out the menace of corruption also appeals me. Pakistan can progress only if corruption is controlled and justice is done with every one.
  8. Even WikiLeaks proved that Imran Khan is the only political figure in Pakistan who is free from any dictation from USA. He is against slavery of USA by getting dollars for so-called war on terror and considers it an insult of Pakistani nation.
  9. Unlike other political leaders who are so much afraid that can't even speak to public rallies without bullet proof glass, Imran Khan is a bold and fearless leader who mingles in the public without any fear. He genuinely proved himself as a public leader (Awami Leader) by sleeping on the ground in Peshawar Dharna without any fear.
  10. PTI never compromised on principles and just on principle stand, they boycotted 2008 elections and stood strong with lawyers movement and judiciary. 

Insaf Ke Aandhi--Article by Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman Abbasi in Daily Azkar

Raja Mubeen Article

Monday, October 31, 2011

PTI Minar e Pakistan Lahore Jalsa Comparision with PML-N Bhati Gate Rally

Many people ask that Imran Khan's Minar e Pakistan jalsa on 30th October was bigger or PML-N rally in Bhati gate on 28th October? How many people were there in PTI jalsa in lahore and also about its impact on future politics of Lahore, Punjab and Pakistan as a whole.
imran khan lahore jalsa and pmln rallyWell, according to today's newspaper reports and according to views of TV anchors like Dr. Shahid Masood, Talat Hussain, Sohail Waraich etc, there were more than 200,000 people in PTI Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan on 30th October. PTI sources claim that number was more than 500,000. In any case, it was far huge than PML-N rally which was arranged in a packed place where a mob of few thousands was required to fill the whole space.
  Secondly, PML-N is in power in Punjab and so it used government machinery and other negative tactics to bring people in it's rally. Government servants were forcefully brought to the rally and Dunya news showed video clips in which PML-N was using public money to pay the transporters for the jalsa. 
PTI jalsa was of a party which isn't in power and even not in parliament and so, gathering such a huge number of people in the city which was considered a strong foothold of PML-N is really a great success of PTI. Senator Parvez Rasheed was challenging PTI that if they managed to gather even 50 thousand people, he will resign from senate. However, he failed to fulfill his promise and Mian Mahmood Ur Rasheed, Ahsan Rasheed, Imran Khan and other leaders reminded him about his challenge and asked him to resign from the senate. 
This successful jalsa of PTI is going to change the political atmosphere of the whole country and now PML-N and PPP should know that nation has woke up and two party system is about to end and Imran Khan is going to bring a revolution in the country with the support of youth of this country.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

PTI Lahore Minar e Pakistan Jalsa--A great Success

Today on 30th October 2011, PTI has wrote a new history at Minar e Pakistan and the whole nation saw the winds of change, slogans of presperity, program of success and a hope for a new Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered at Minar e Pakistan and vowed to join hands with Imran Khan's PTI to bring a change in Pakistan.
PTI jalsa on Minar e Pakistan became a great success and more than 500,000 people gathered at Minar e Pakistan to express their support for the great visionary leader Imran Khan. The participants were highly charged and they were chanting slogans, waving flags of PTI and Pakistan and showing their full support for PTI. According to analysts like Iftikhar Ahmad, Shafqat Mehmood and others, this successful jalsa of PTI in Lahore will start bring a new political atmosphere in the country and this jalsa has proved the popularity of Imran Khan. Unlike PML-N jalsa in Lahore where rented people were called and were void of any sentiments or charge, in PTI jalsa hundreds of thousands of people gathered from Lahore, other parts of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK and proved that Imran Khan is the only hope left and that Imran Khan has wide support of masses in Pakistan.
Today, In Lahore Jalsa, Imran Khan's speech was historic. This was probably the best speech of Imran Khan I have ever heard. He didn't only highlighted the futile and dirty policies of current government but also gave a detailed and perfect plan of action to bring a real change in Pakistan. Imran Khan not only criticized but also suggested solutions. He touched all the core issues and talked about all major matters. He gave his solution for energy production, education emergency, employment opportunities generation, women empowerment, minorities rights, Baluchistan issue, war on terror, Kashmir issue and about relationship with China, USA and other countries of the world. 
Imran Khan has started the movement of revolution which has shaken the palace of Raewend and the lords of President house. Looters are now afraid that this bold man will put a hand on their looted assets and bring them to the justice. Now, they should know that the period of corruption's rule is going to over and public is going to rule with justice prevailing and dignity restored. Long live Imran Khan and long live Pakistan.

Watch the video of Imran Khan speech in Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsa:

Friday, October 28, 2011

PTI holds a Rally in Islamabad against Drone Attacks

PTI rally against drone attacks in IslamabadToday on 28th October 2011, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) held a protest rally from China Chowk to D-Chowk near Parliament House Islamabad protesting against drone attacks in Pakistan. The rally was led by PTI chairman Imran Khan and a large number of PTI activists and civil society members participated in the rally. The participants of the rally were highly charger and were chanting slogans against current government and in favor of Imran Khan.
Clive Smith from Reprieve--an international human rights organization also attended the rally and addressed to the participants. He announced that he will fight the case in international court of justice for the people of Waziristan who are being killed by drone attacks. He apologized on behalf of people of America for all the ruthless attacks being made by US forces.
Ealier, a Jirga was held in Islamabad which was attended by large number of notables from FATA. Imran Khan and Clive Smith got detailed information from the locals of FATA about the drone attacks and the killings. After the Jirga, a unanimous resolution was passed condemning the drone attacks and asking chief justice of Pakistan to take an action to force the government of Pakistan to do necessary measures to stop drone attacks. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

PTI Lahore Jalsa and PMLN Negative Tactics

 Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has announced a public meeting (Jalsa) at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on 30th October as part of it's "Hakumat Hato Mulk Bachao" movement and this Jalsa announcement has totally shaken the politics of Punjab and all of a sudden, all political parties have started a power show competition in Punjab. PTI and PML-N are both in a strong political rivalry in Punjab and both are claiming to have support of people of Lahore. PML-N considers Lahore as i'ts political fort while on the other hand, PTI claims that now Lahore is of PTI and no more of Kings of Rawened.
PTI Lahore Jalsa Minar e Pakistan 30th october 2011

After joining of Mian Azhar in PTI, momentum of PTI's political activities in Lahore has also gone very high. There is a lot of support for PTI in Lahore and in bi-elections of previous year, despite of all rigging by PML-N, PTI candidate Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar got over 20 thousands votes which shows the popularity of PTI among people of Lahore. Mian Hamid Miraj also contested from a national assembly seat from Lahore in Bi elections and he also stood second and got about 10 thousands votes.
PML-N is badly confused and has started cheap negative tactics to sabotage the jalsa of PTI. PML-N has announced a rally in Lahore on 28th of October which, according to most of the political analysts, is just to tackle the growing popularity of Imran Khan in Lahore. PML-N's district government has also imposed very dictatorial restrictions on the jalsa of PTI and PTI's banners and posters are being removed by local government from the whole Lahore. Surprisingly, PML-N enjoys all the relaxation and there is no restriction imposed on their rally. 
Despite all the hurdles by PML-N, it's believed that PTI will be able to show a huge majority at Minar e Pakistan on 30th and tsunami of people over there, will wipe out all the rotten eggs of Punjab and will lead to a new political scenario in the region. Mian Azhar, Zaheer Abbas Khokhar, Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed, Ahsan Rasheed, Dr. Murad Ross, Mian Hamid Miraj, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Ashraf Bara and other political leaders of PTI are working hard to mobilize the people of Lahore and to bring maximum number of people towards Minar e Pakistan Jalsa of PTI.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Notable Politician Chaudhry Shahid Akram Bhinder Joins PTI

PTI continues to grow in all parts of the country especially in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwah and every day more and more notable political leaders are joining PTI. In current week, another big name from Gujranwala joins PTI. Chaudhry Shahid Akram Bhinder who remained MNA and state minister belonging to PML-Q, decided to join PTI, showing confidence in the leadership of PTI Chair man Imran Khan. After joining of  Chaudhry Shahid Akram Bhinder in PTI, now PTI has got more strength in Gujranwala politics and according to political analysts, now PTI is very much in a position to conquer the battle of Gujranwala.
Chaudhry Shaid Akram Bhinder announced to join PTI in a huge Jalsa held in Gujranwala where Imran Khan also spoke. Imran Khan welcomed him in the party and said that If he manages to get 200 honest people, he can bring a revolution in the country.
It's important to mention here that in the same Jalsa, nephew of Ex President Rafique Tarar, Mr. Ashfaq Tarar also announced to join PTI. Dozens of Ex Nazims, Naib Nazims and Councilors also announced to join PTI in the same venue. 
chaudhry shaid akram bhinder joined pti

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sahiwal PP-220 Bi election Results--No PTI Candidate

According to unofficial results of Sahiwal Bi-elections for PP-220, PML-N candidate Pir Khizar Hayat Shah Khagga has won against joint candidate of PML-Q and PPP. Winning candidate of PML-N Khizar Hayat Khaga bagged more than 40 thousands votes while Zafar Shah Khaga of PML-Q who was also supported by PPP could get only about 18 thousands votes.

However, just after announcement of unofficial results, PML-N leaders like Rana Sana Ullah and Ahsan Iqbal started a baseless propaganda against PTI on media saying that ""Tehreek e Insaaf ke umeedwar ki zamanat zabat ho gai" while as a matter of fact, no PTI candidate was contesting this bi-election.
PTI has cateogorically said that so far voter listed hasn't been updated and in such a situation when there are over 45 percent fake votes registered with ECP, PTI can't take part in such pre-rigged elections.
In a official press release from PTI Central Information Secretary Omar Sarfaraz Cheema stating that there was no PTI candidate and PML-N is just doing a baseless propaganda against PTI as its afraid of growing popularity of PTI. He said that Rana Sana Ullah should correct his knowledge about the candidates contesting the elections. He denied any PTI support for the independent candidate Rana Omar Farooq or for any candidate. He said that PTI is focused towards next General Elections after removal of 45 percent bogus votes and registration of 30 million new votes.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PTI Abbottabad Elections--Sher Bahadur Khan elected as District Organizer

 PTI Abbottabad is facing an internal rift and division for long time and despite some serious efforts by PTI center, differences continued to grow and because of this lack of unity among PTI local leadership of district Abbottabad, PTI failed to emerge as a major political force in the region and couldn't even cash properly on the issue of Soba Hazara. However, a recent development in PTI Abbottabad is quite satisfying and giving hope to the workers and well wishers of PTI. This development is--Elections held in PTI central secretariat Islamabad for PTI district Abbottabad Organizer position.
Both factions of PTI from Abbottabad contested in the elections held under the supervision of Col. (R) Aman Ullah Khan and Sardar Azhar Tariq. Malik Mohabat Khan was candidate from Asif Zubair Sheikh group while Sher Bahadur Khan was a candidate from the other group. 14 out of 15 PCOs cast their vote in the election and  Sher Bahadur Khan was announced as winner who grabbed 8 votes while Mohabat Khan got 6 votes. The good news for PTI supporters is that both the leaders pledged to work together with mutual understanding and with unity as Mohabbat Khan congratulated Sher Bahadur Khan on his victory.
It's expected that now tension between groups of PTI in Abbottabad will diffuse and they will work with full dedication and sincerity for the party and will strengthen and organize party at every level in the district.
PTI district abbottabad election result

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PTI Position in Hazara Division--Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is getting popular in all parts of the country and in past few months, party has managed to get some notables in its circle and dozens of electables from various parties have joined PTI, showing confidence in the leadership of Imran Khan. Hazara--which is considered as a stronghold of PML-N is also not an exception but internal rift in the party local leaders have badly damaged the image of PTI in Hazara and party failed to stand as prominent as other parties are in the region.
In District Abbottabad, Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan is the most influential political leader belonging to PML-N who also remained Chief minister of NWFP in past. PML-N got a clear damage to it's popularity on the issue of NWFP renaming to Khyber Pakhtunkhwah and there were division wide protests against PML-N on this issue which gave a room to other parties to emerge and strengthen roots in the region. However, PTI couldn't cash the issue properly and it was PML-Q under the leadership of Aman Ullah Khan Jadoon, Sardar Yousuf and Baba Haider Zaman (who later made his own party) who cashed on this issued and got some political energy through this issue. PTI in district Abbottabad is yet to be organized, it's divided clearly in two factions-- one led by Asif Zubair Shaikh while other led by Sardar Sher Bahadur Khan. The two groups are showing utmost rivalry to each other as if they are representing some different parties with completely different  agendas. Every day, one can read their agressive statements against each others in local newspapers of Abbottabad like Daily Shamal and Daily Muhasib. Those who consider Imran Khan as the last hope and are following his footsteps are really concerned and depressed over this situation. Unfortuantely, center has failed to tackle this issue proerply and at a time when elections are just a year (or may be less) time ahead, PTI has failed to get united in district Abbottabad where they are supposed to fight against big big political giants like Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan, Sardar Shamoon Yar Khan, Aman Ullah Khan Jadoon, Sardar Yaqoob, Sardar Idrees, Barrister Javed Abbasi, Dr Azhar Jadoon etc. 
In Mansehra, some notable political figures like Syed Munir Shah Tirmizi and his group joined PTI which gave a hope to PTI supporters that unlike previous bi-elections where Niaz Khan Sarkheli of PTI lost badly, now PTI will become stronger, situation remains depressing due to rift between various political leaders of PTI in district Mansehra. Niaz Khan Sarkheli has been appointed district organizer of PTI but many key political personalities of PTI from district Mansehra aren't ready to accept him as Organizer. If situation remains same, it will clearly damage the image of PTI in district Mansehra and it will benefit Sardar Yousuf of PML-Q, Azam Swati and Laiq Muhammad of JUI and also to PML-N in the district. 
Unfortunately PTI is not united in district Haripur as well.  There are two groups within PTI Haripur. Farooq Shah who is leading one group is dreaming to get PTI ticket and he is working on his own while other group led by Kamal Ghaznavi is working separately and he is also looking for a ticket from PTI. Each group claims to be the genuine political force and claims to have support of center. However, workers of PTI in Haripur are also confused as to whom they should support to strengthen the hands of Imran Khan.
It's need of the time that all those who are sincere to the cause of Imran Khan and are serious and honest with PTI should come out of the politics of tickets and should work in a united way to come in a position to fight with political giants of the region. Hazara is not an easy battlefield and if PTI fails to exist as one unit, it will perish in the region and people of Hazara will fall again in the hands of political looters of PML-N, PML-Q and other tested figures. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Should I Vote for PTI--Imran Khan?

vote for Imran KhanImran Khan's PTI is gradually becoming more and more popular among masses in parts of the country especially in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwah and not only common people but also notables are joining PTI. PTI's dharna's (sit-in) against drone attacks and then his Jalsas and rallies as "Hakomat Hatao, Mulk Bachao" were heavily participated by the public. Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf considers it as the third option in the country and claim to be a symbol of change to bring a peaceful revolution in the country. People often ask a question that why should we vote for Imran Khan? Why we should Join PTI? How PTI is different from other parties? Here are the answers from a PTI worker for all these questions:
PTI is the only untested party in the current political sitemap of Pakistan and Imran Khan is the only political leader who has no allegations of corruption and even his opponents accept his credibility and his great philanthropist work. Imran Khan is the leader who has served this nation even before coming into power and instead of hollow slogans, Imran Khan gave the gift of Shokat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and NAMAL College to this nation. Another big reason that you should vote for PTI in coming election is the evidence from Wikileaks that Imran Khan is the only politician of Pakistan who speaks eye to eye with America and hasn't shown a dual face. One of the biggest motivation for people of Pakistan to vote for Imran Khan is his principle and consistent stand on War on Terror. What Imran Khan said about 10 years back is now accepted internationally and even the superpower power America is of the view that talks are the only way to deal with Taliban and militants. This was exactly what Imran Khan kept on saying for more than 10 years. Another big reason to vote for Imran Khan is his commitment to root out corruption and bring a just system where all people get their rights and where powerful elite has to pay taxes and this tax money has to be used for betterment of the masses. Imran Khan has categorically said that he will NAB all those political mafias who haven't declared their assets and whose assets are out of the country. If he manages to deal with the corruption, half of the problems of the country can be solved by this only.
Now the question that why should I Join PTI should be easy to understand by you given you have read all above. This is duty of every patriotic Pakistani to support Imran Khan for his noble cause of bringing a systematic change in Pakistan, to save Pakistan from looters and corrupt hypocrite politicians and to bring Pakistan a real Pakistan as per the dreams of Jinah and Iqbal. Every Pakistani should join this noble cause and should work under the brave and honest leadership of Imran Khan so that Pakistan gets a brave leadership, makes it's policies within the country and doesn't take dictation from USA and gets rid of IMF and other international loans. 
How PTI is different from other parties? First thing is that Imran Khan has declared all his assets, he earned money outside but brought it back to Pakistan and so now he is supposed to live and die with Pakistan. Secondly, PTI is not a status quo party and hasn't begged for any support from bureaucracy or military establishment and is based solely on public support. That's the biggest reason that Imran Khan denied Prime ministership offer from General Musharraf as Imran Khan wants change of system and not just a change of faces. 
So based on all arguments, it's high time for people of Pakistan to wake up and join hands with Imran khan to change Pakistan's fate and to bring a new system in Pakistan where justice prevails everywhere and no one is above the law. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Latest News Updates of Tehreek e Soba Hazara

Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara has lost it's momentum and now after a split in the leadership of Sooba Hazara movement after which two factions have been formed in tehreek, people of Hazara are now disappointed from the immature political moves of Tehreek-e-Soba Hazara movement and hopes of formation of new province for people of Hazara have gone very low.
What's the latest update of Soba Hazara movement and what's going on regarding this movement can be observed from the following news items from different newspapers of Hazara division (Daily Shamal Abbottabad and Daily Muhasab Abbottabad).

Sardar Yousuf who is leader of one faction of Tehreek e Soba Hazara is planning to hold a big jalsa in Abbottabad with reference to Sooba Hazara movement in the month of October:

After the split in Soba Hazara movement, PML-N has started criticizing PML-Q local leadership stating that they were just trying to score political points on the name of Soba Hazara movmenet and after getting ministership in the center with an alliance with PPP, now they have forgotten the cause and are enjoying the governance. Sardar Mushtaq who is PML-N leader from Haripur stated that PML-N will form Soba Hazara after coming into power:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Key Politicians from Khyber Pakhtunkhwah Join PTI

 After joining of some key political figures from Attock, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Chitral and various other parts of the country, today some more notable people joined PTI which shows a constantly growing popularity of PTI in the country. Those who joined PTI today include a strong rival of chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwah Brigadier (Retired) Ismael Khan of Mardan and Ahmad Habib Khan Kundi from Dera Ismael Khan. 
Hundreds of supporters of the two politicians also joined PTI. Brigadier (R) Ismael Khan and Habib Khan Kundi announced to join PTI in a press conference headed by PTI chairman Imran Khan in PTI central secretariat in Islamabad. Brigadier (R) Ismael Khan belongs to PF-23 (now PKP-23) Mardan and his joining in PTI will further strengthen PTI in Mardan and will give tough time to Ameer Haider Hoti who is current chief minister of KPK and a key leader of ANP.
Ahmad Habib Khan Kundi who also joined PTI today belongs to a renowned political family of D.I.Khan and is son of Ex-Provincial Minister Habib Khan Kundi. After joining of Ahmad Habib Khan Kundi in PTI, PTI now emerges strongly on the political map of D.I.Khan as well. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another big name--Former MNA of PML-N from Shakargarh Joins PTI

PTI is gaining more and more popularity among masses because of its principle stand on all national and international issues and after a great momentum at lower level, now PTI is being joined by politicians of national level repute and Parliamentary experience. 
After joining of many key politicians of Attock and Mardan in PTI, today another big name--Ch Ashfaq Taj from Shakargarh joined PTI. Chaudhry Ashfaq Taj was former MNA from PML-N and he belongs to a renowned political family of Shakargarh
Former PMLN MNA Ch Ishfaq Taj of Shakargarh joined PTI after meeting Chairman Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan at his residence in Zaman Park,  President Punjab Ahsan Rasheed, Regional Organiser Barristor Mansoor Sarwar and Member Punjab Council Saqib Idrees Taj was also present.

Ch Ishfaq Taj Ex-MNA is the younger brother of Ch Idrees Taj Shaheed Member Majlis Shoura and son of longest serving Parliamentarian Ch Abdul Rahim of Maingri.
After his joining in PTI, its expected that PTI will become more and more popular in Shakargarh like other parts of the country.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Latest Updates About Soba Hazara Tehreek

After renaming of NWFP to Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, Tehreek e Soba Hazara (Hazara Province Movement) started with full swing and people in all districts of Hazara including Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur, Kohistan and Batgram came forward to demand a separate province with the name of Soba Hazara. This movement further intensified when police killed a few peaceful protestants in Abbottabad. Interestingly, this movement was supported and backed by all political and religious parties of Hazara except PML-N. Key leaders of Tehreek e Soba Hazara who gave a momentum to the movement were Baba Haider Zaman, Gohar Ayub Khan, Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob, Aman Ullah Khan Jadoon, Dr. Azhar Jadoon, Shahjahan Yousuf, Sardar Yousuf etc. 
With the passage of time, some differences were created among the parties which were demanding Soba Hazara as Baba Haider Zaman wanted all the forces to come under one flag and for this purpose, he registered a new political party with the name of Tehreek e Soba Hazara. This registration wasn't made by taking all the stake holders in confidence and as a result, Sardar Yousuf and his son Shahjahan Yousuf, who belong to PML-Q and come from district Mansehra, decided to separate themselves from Baba Haider Zaman and they have announced their own faction to continue this movement under the leadership of Sardar Yousuf. This split in the Tehreek e Soba Hazara leaders came in the month of Ramadan and now both groups, one headed by Baba Haider Zaman and other by Sardar Yousuf and Shahjahan Yousuf are playing their separate games of words and statements. 
Below are some latest updates about Soba Hazara Tehreek from newspapers of Abbottabad:
Dr Azhar Jadoon, who is one of the prominent leaders of Tehreek e Soba Hazara, is now in the group headed by Baba Haider Zaman and in his fresh statement in a joint press conference with Sardar Waqar Nabi said that those who are playing a game of governance by forgetting Soba Hazara cause have no future:
Tehreek e Soba Hazara latest news

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Imran Khan and Karachi Issue

Karachi which is industrial hub of Pakistan is under a wave of bloodshed and dozens of innocent people are dying everyday with no mention of the culprits behind this violence. Provincial and central ruling parties are just playing a blame game with no concrete measures to stop the violence in Karachi. At one day, Zulfiqar Mirza blames MQM for all terrorism in Karachi, while on the other day, we see Rehman Malik going to Nine Zero, begging a pardon for all statements issued by Zulfiqar Mirza. MQM blames ANP and Lyari Gang of PPP for this violence while some parties also blame some third force like Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for this terrorism.
   Imran Khan--Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has expressed his great concern over this bloodshed in Karachi and he termed it a disaster for the whole country. Imran Khan said that PPP and MQM are responsible for the killings in Karachi and he said that police in karachi is politicized where PPP and MQM workers were given high posts in police. According to Imran Khan, politicizing the police of Karachi is the biggest hurdle in enforcing the rule of law and to stop killing in Karachi. He said that when police officials belong to a party, they give protection to the criminals of their own party and in this way, it has become quite difficult to reach to the actual terrorists in Karachi and to treat them with an iron hand. In a TV program of Express News--To The Point With Shahzeb Hassan, Imran Khan said that if he is made governer of Karachi, he can bring peace in Karachi in no more than 90 days. He said solution to Karachi issue is de-weaponization of Karachi and de-politicization of Karachi Police.

Below is a news Item published in Today's Express Tribune about Imran Khan's stance on Karachi Killings:

The continued economic slide, coupled with the breakdown of law and order in Karachi, would lead to an economic collapse, a handout quoted chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf Imran Khan as saying on Saturday.
According to him, the national economy “is in a state of stagflation with little or no economic growth and high inflation”. The PTI chief said that electricity shortfall in Faisalabad alone resulted in massive unemployment. “If the current chaos and gang warfare is not controlled in Karachi…Pakistan faces imminent economic collapse…Loans amounting to Rs5 trillion, which were acquired over the past 60 years, have doubled to Rs10 trillion since the government came to power. How can a country with 80 per cent of the population on the fringe of extreme poverty repay the loans borrowed by our corrupt leaders through indirect taxes? There is a limit to taxing the poor through indirect taxation.”
Imran Khan said the sooner “this government is removed from power, the greater the chances of Pakistan’s recovery”.
Meanwhile, PTI’s Information Secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema condemned the latest spate of bloodshed in Karachi.
A handout quoted Cheema as saying that the situation effectively exposed the government’s incompetence and its lack of will to deal with the Karachi situation.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 21st, 2011.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Amir Liaqat Video is real or fake?

Amir Liaqat Hussain Leaked VideoAfter leakage of a video of Amir Liaqat Hussain, using abusive and low standard cheap language, internet and all sort of media is full of discussion about this video as whether Amir Liaqt Hussain's video is fake or real? Most of the people who watched the video of Amir Liaqat Hussain, consider the video real while there are yet some people (quite a few in number) who think that this video is fake and some media people are spreading this conspiracy against Amir Liaqat Hussain to get their own ratings improved.
However, if we do lips reading and analyze the video in more depth, it seems that video is real and Amir Liaqat Hussain did use such slang and cheap language. Amir Liaqat Hussain claims that this video is fake and he expressed this in his program which was aired from ARY TV channel.

Amir Liaqat Hussain Reply about Video:

The most important thing is Amir Liaqat Hussain column (article) in today's Daily Express in which he wrote in an half clear manner that the video is old and today's Amir Liaqat Hussain is different than Amir Liaqat Hussain of before 2008. He has mentioned his public apology when praying to Allah on 27th Ramadan in the previous year. Howver, this is surprising that in TV program, Amir Liaqat mainly emphasized that video was edited and is totally fake but in today's column, he termed it as an Old video.

Watch leaked video of Amir Liaqat Hussain in which he is using low standard language and then share your views about the video.

Also watch the video which is Amir Liaqat Hussain's reply about this video in which he has tried to clarify his position:


Will Imran Khan Win Next Election?

Imran Khan--chairman of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf) is the most dynamic, hard working and active politician of Pakistan these days, having Jalsas, rallies, protest sit-ins and all sort of political movements in different parts of Pakistan. He is also very active in media with a strong presence in some top Talks shows of Pakistani TV Channels.
Imran Khan popularityPTI has got a good momentum in recent past and a lot of notables from different regions like Attock, Mardan, Lahore, Sheikhupura and other parts of the country have joined PTI. PTI has got a huge popularity in the youth and undoubtedly, PTI is the most popular party of Pakistan particularly in youth. After stunning popularity of PTI in past one year or so, now this question has become highly important and most discussed that Will Imran Khan's party, PTI will win next election? also people ask that How many seats PTI will get in next election? and Will PTI clean sweep in next election?
Looking at the current scenario where all other tested political parties have disappointed masses and looking at the way, political maturity is coming in Pakistan, it seems that future of PTI is quite bright. If next elections are free and fair under a free election commission and if Imran Khan continues his movement with same energies, PTI can win about 50 seats in National assembly, mostly from Khyber Pakhtunkhwah and Punjab. PTI is expected to win a big number of provincial assembly seats as well in KPK and Punjab. PTI will be giving a tough time to PML-N in Lahore and it's expected that PTI will get a victory in Lahore especially in the urban areas. If Jahangir Tareen's party of clean also joins PTI or goes for an alliance with PTI, things can become more in favor of PTI and it can lead to a revolution in the next election.
Imran Khan often claims for a clean sweep in next general elections but looking at the position of PTI in Sindh and Baluchistan, it seems that this claim is much exaggerated and doesn't seem possible unless some miracle done. However, things may change in coming months if some notables of Sindh or Baluchistan join PTI.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Notable Political leaders join PTI

PTI is gaining a huge popularity among masses and now when people are fed up of political parties like PML-N and PPP, Imran Khan is the best option for them as a third force. Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has played an important role in judges restoration movement and also have clear stance on issues like War on Terror, Drone Attacks, Corruption etc and this has given a big boost to popularity of PTI.
Now, after seeing a clear success of PTI in various credible international surveys like PEW polls, NEWS WEEK survey etc, a large number of politicians from different parties have started contacting Imran Khan and are joining PTI. 
The first key figure who joined PTI was Justice R Waji Ud Din Ahmed who joined PTI in 2010 and owed to work hard for a positive change in Pakistan by joining hands with Imran Khan. Noor Muhammad Bhaba who was an Ex-MNA from Mailsi also joined Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) about two months back. Others who joined PTI in recent past include Malik Munir Afzal--a ticket holder of PML-N from Narowal, Sardar Mumtaz--a PML-N leader from Attock, Sardar Muhammad Ali--Ex MPA of PML-Q from Attock, Malik Sohail Khan Samryal--a key leader of PML-N from Attock, Qazi Khalid--Ex Tehsil Nazim of Attock, Ex MPA Ijaz Hussain Bukhari and Qazi Mushtaq from Attock. 
Today some notable political personalities of Mardan KPK will join PTI in a press conference headed by Imran Khan. Some key politicians of Mardan formed NDF (National Democratic Front) under the leadership of Khan Muhammad Hoti who won election on ANP ticket but the left ANP. Nawabzada Umar Farooq Hoti--son of Khan Muhammad Hoti will announce to join PTI on this occasion. Other who will join PTI at this occasion include overseas coordinator of PPP Mehrab Gul, Shakir Zareen Gul--Nephew of Ex-MNA of Mansehra Zargul Khan, PPP ticket holder from Chitral Shahzada Nisar Jilani and various other notables of ANP.
Another big name--Chaudhry Ashfaq Taj Joined PTI on 28th of August after meeting with Imran Khan. He is Ex-MNA of PML-N from Shakargarh and his joining in PTI will further strengthen PTI in Shakargarh and its surroundings. 
Imran Khan has also announced that various senior politicians of PML-N, PPP, PML-Q and other parties are in contact with him and  will join PTI soon. Jehangir Tareen is also forming a group of clean electable politicians and they may also join PTI or announce an alliance with PTI.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zulfiqar Mirza Lates Speech about MQM and talking about Afaq Ahmed

Watch latest video of Zulfiqar Mirza at residence of Shahi Syed of ANP in which he uses negative language about Alftaf Hussain and calls him a Badmaash. He speaks aggressively against MQM. Zulfiqar Mirza states that Afaq Ahmad is the real leader of Muhajirs. Watch video of Zulfiqar Mirza in which he says that target killers belong to MQM.

Current Party Position in Pakistan politics

 The politics of Pakistan has got a quick momentum in last few days after MQM left government coalition and went into the opposition benches in national assembly as well as in Sindh Assembly. Unpredictable warm welcoming of PML-N to its close rival MQM in the opposition benches surprised the public and the surprise went up manifold when same party (PML-N) approached MQM to form a grand alliance. PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif, had announced at APC in London a few years back that no coalition will be made ever with MQM and all parties which were there in APC, were of the view that MQM is a terrorist organization and was involved in May, 12 incident of Karachi. 
Currently, PML-N is facing political loneliness and after losing AJK election, PML-N has similar fear in Pakistan's upcoming elections too and to avoid that, such alliances are being proposed by PML-N.

Current Party Position in Pakistan is as follows:
According to PEW polls and also according to the survey of NEWS WEEK, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf ) is the most popular party in Pakistan at the moment due to clear stance and bold politics of Imran Khan. However, PTI lacks good electables from most of the constituencies and to turn this popularity into the assembly seats, PTI will have to look for clean and well positioned candidates in upcoming elections. However, there are chances that many notable politicians may join PTI before upcoming elections.
PML-N is the second most popular party according to current party position in Pakistan. However, Imran Khan's factor may badly damage PML-N and rightist votes may divide resulting in a benefit to parties like PPP and PML-Q.
PPP, despite its poor performance in last three years of governance, yet enjoys a good popularity in Sindh and many parts of Punjab, KPK and Baluchistan. PPP has already won with a big margin in recent Elections of Azad Kashmir while its also having a majority government in Gilgit Baltistan. However, separation of people like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan may damage the vote bank of PPP to some extent.
PML-Q isn't a popular party at all in terms of its ideology but it contains some big names and those names do have their own vote bank which gives PML-Q  a prominent place in the political setup of Pakistan. Recent alliance of PPP and PML-Q is supposed to be long lasting and will result in seat adjustment in next elections which may give a good edge to both parties over their rivals like PML-N, PTI etc.
MQM is the most popular party in Karachi, Hyderabad and some other parts of the Sindh but has failed to get approved by the people of other parts of the country. MQM couldn't win any seat in recent AJK elections. MQM has also start organizing itself in Punjab and other parts of the country as well but isn't yet in any strong position in these areas.
Jamat e Islami (JI) is one of the ideological parties of Pakistan with its own specific but limited vote bank. JI may not win large number of seats in next election but it's sure that any party which will go in an alliance with JI, will get a good number of JI votes. JI has a good vote bank in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, Lahore, Karachi and different other parts of the country. It seems that JI isn't going to join grand opposition alliance with PML-N and MQM due to its reservation over MQM politics.
Parties like ANP and JUI-F also hold a strong position in Khyber Pakhtunkwah and are expected to get few seats in next election. Currerntly ANP is enjoying governance in KPK due to boycott of JI and PTI but it's expected that it won't be able to get this number of seats in next elections due to Imran Khan factor and JI.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PML-N expected grand alliance

PML-N after having a clear defeat in AJK elections despite an alliance/seat adjustment with Jamat-e-Islami (JI) has now become fully alert of the future of its politics in Pakistan as well and now looks highly depressed because of political loneliness. Due to arrogance of Nawaz Sharif, PML-Q faction has gone in the hands of PPP and is now enjoying the governance while some other parties like PTI and other members of APDM are already angry with dual policies of Nawaz Sharif who betrayed them on the boycott issue of 2008 general elections. The trust level of Nawaz Sharif has gone very low now among these parties and convincing these parties to form an alliance with PML-N is really an uphill task.
The most surprising part of the story is newly building relationships between two rivals--PML-N and MQM. The two parties had fierce political fights a few months back in which the leaders of two parties even used low standard cheap words against each other, reaching to the family matters!! PML-N always had a stance that MQM is a terrorist party and a mafia while MQM also had a strong aggressive point of view about the origin of PML-N and most importantly about 1992 operation in Karachi under the government of Nawaz Sharif. Watch the videos below to have a glimpse of how the leaders of the two parties spoke about each other just a few months back:
Here is the video in which MQM leaders Haider Abbas Rizvi and Waseem Akhtar are speaking aggressively against PML-N:

Now watch the video below in which PML-N leader Chaudhry Nisar talks cheaply about MQM leader Altaf Hussain:

PML-N also agreed with all parties in APDM that no party will become a part of any alliance with MQM but now it seems that PML-N has changed its stance and all that it was claiming for so long was just a drama and in reality, they can go to any extreme for their political benefits.
Now question rises that what's position of PTI in this grand alliance? Imran Khan has categorically stated that he will never go with an alliance with any such party whose leaders have undeclared assets and hence any alliance with PML-N isn't acceptable at all by Imran Khan and it seems that he will remain away from any such new game by PML-N.
After making an alliance with PML-N in AJK election, now it's very important that what move is taken by JI regarding this alliance. However, so far JI hasn't decided to become a part of any such alliance.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PTI potential candidate from PF-45 Abbottabad (PKPK-45) for upcoming elections

District Abbottabad is considered as a stronghold of PML-N where PMLN has been winning both national assembly and provincial assembly seats for last two decades (except for 2002 elections under Pervez Musharraf in which PML-Q also managed to win from this region). Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan who remained Chief Minister of NWFP (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwah) and also Federal Minister for Railways and is currently a MNA also hails from Village Malkot Union Council Palak located in PF-45 area of district Abbottabad. His son Sardar Shamoon Yar Khan is MPA from this constituency currently while his close relative Sardar Mumtaz was MPA in last tenure from this constituency.
Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has given clues of contesting against these political giants in upcoming elections and to break the so-called monarchy of Sardar family from the region. Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman Abbasi who was a member of district council in last local government has joined PTI and is expected to get PTI ticket for PF-45 (PKPK 45) in upcoming elections. Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman is a close relative of Raja Mumtaz Ur Rehman Abbasi and is considered as a strong political figure who can really give a tough time to Sardars because of multiple reasons. The foremost of these reasons is a growing popularity of PTI in the area especially among educated youth. Imran Khan's jalsa in Khaira gali about three years back was warmly attended by a large population of the area showing their anger and hatred with the inheritance politicians of Sardar family. Sardar Mehtab failed to provide even basic necessities of life to the people of area and many villages of this constituency don't even have schools, hospitals and proper roads--what to say about colleges or universities.
In such a situation, Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman can really take a good benefit of the situation and can upset the political scenario of district Abbottabad. It's expected that Tehreek e Soba Hazara leader Baba Haider Zaman and other leaders of Sooba Hazara Tehreek will also announce their support for Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman if he gets a ticket of PTI. There are also signs of a seat adjustment or alliance between Jamat e Islami (JI) and PTI in the area so that PTI may support JI candidate Alhaj Habib Ur Rehman for National assembly seat (NA 17) and in return, JI may support Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman for provincial assembly seat.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shah Mehmood Qureshi and American Operation In Abbottabad against Osama Bin Laden

 After a clear violation of Pakistan's sovereignty by US forces on May 2, 2011 when they did an operation to kill Al-Qaida Leader Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad without bringing it in notice of Pakistan's government and agencies, every patriotic Pakistani has rose a voice against it. There is a huge rage and disturbance in the people of Pakistan. Many political and religious organizations in Pakistan have come on roads to protest on it. First time, army chief has also shown a strong reaction and a clear stance on it by saying that such actions won't be tolerated any more on the soil of Pakistan. However, like always, PPP led Government of Pakistan is silent and confused on the issue and they have totally failed to take the public into confidence. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilana and President Asif Ali Zardari are totally mute on this issue of national interest.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi who is former foreign minister and a senior leader of PPP, today strongly condemned this US action inside the territory of Pakistan and demanded resignation from Prime Minister and President of Pakistan after this failure of our government. This was stated by him in a press conference in Lahore. Shah Mehmood Qureshi further said that he will take up this issue in PPP Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting and will decide his future plan of action accordingly.
This strong stance of Shah Mahmood Qureshi may further pressurize the government. Today, a high level meeting of president Zardari was held with Army Chief Genral Ashfaq Parvez Kiani to discuss about Abbottabad operation and about Pak-America relationships after this action. It's stated by the analysts that PPP government will have to finally bow down in front of public demands to have clear policy about Drone Attacks and such US led actions inside the borders of Pakistan. If PPP fails to have clear stance on such issues, it will not only lose public support (which is already very little for PPP these days) but also may lose the support of it's own party leaders like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Raza Rabbani etc.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marvi Memon and PTI

Marvi Memon is one of the most vocal members of Pakistan parliament and she is known for raising voice for the rights of the people of Pakistan at every platform. Whether it's matter of target killing in Karachi, Doctors Strike in Punjab or Drone attacks in FATA, Marvi Memon has raised her voice strongly for the rights of the people of Pakistan. Marvi Memon is always quick and vigilant in reaching every protest despite the security risks.
  When Imran Khan announced a sit in (Dharna) in Peshawar on 23rd April against Drone attacks inside Pakistan's territory, people from all walks of life and from different political and religious backgrounds welcomed Imran's call and joined hands with him in two days successful Dharna. According to sources, more than 50 thousands people gathered in Naran Chowk Peshawar where they sat for two days, passed night under the sky and chanted slogans against corrupt rulers of Pakistan and unjust policies of USA. Marvi Memon of PML-Q, Javed Hashmi of PML-N, Khwaja Khan Muhammad Hoti (who left ANP a few months back), Akhonzada Chitan who is MNA from FATA and Ajmal Wazir who is also a parliamentarian from FATA joined hands with Imran Khan in this Dharna. JUI-S and Jamat e Islami also supported this Dharna.
 Imran Khan invited Marvi Memon to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and people raised heavy slogans in the favor of Imran's request. Marvi Memon is a talented and honest politician whose politices, mindset and political style doesn't match with a party like PML-Q and according to many analysts, PTI can be the best platform for Marvi Memon for her political career. Imran Khan and Marvi Memon, both struggle for the rights of the people of Pakistan and both strive for a just and peaceful society. If we look into the recent Tweets of Marvi Memon in Twitter, it seems that she is unhappy with the alliance of PML-Q and PPP and it's expected that she will raise a solid voice against it. In such a scenario, it's possible that she may separate from PML-Q and find her own way which might be PTI. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pakistan politics--Most funny and memorable incidents of Pakistani politics

1) Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed in a Talk show in which Imran Khan while criticizing Sheikh Rasheed's politics, prayed not to be a politician like him and better be a failed politician than a Sheikh Rasheed kind politician.

2) Wasim Akhtar of MQM badly rebuking PML-N leaders and calling Chaudhry Nisar as Mr. Bean.

2) PTI Sindh president Naeem Ul Haq in a furious mood in a live TV show and throwing glass towards PPP leader.

4) Hanif Abbasi making personal, dirty comments about Kashmala  Tariq of PML-Q in a live TV show and saying him to be a politician sitting in lap of generals.

5) Firdous Ashiq Awan of PPP using abusive and low standard language about Kashmala Tariq and using the cheap word of Heera Mandi.

6) Rehman Malik--Interior minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan reciting Sura Akhlas wrongly and shameless parliamentarians of Pakistan making fun of it.

7) Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in a hyper mood during a speech and throwing microphones down by his hands.

8) Baluchistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raeesani making foolish comments about originality of degree and saying k "Degree degree hote hai, chahe asli ho ya naqli."

9) Sindh Interior minister Zulfiqar Mirza claiming to be a badmaash in public.

10) Punjab Assembly member Samina Khawar Hayat of PML-Q bringing a lota in a live TV show and breaking it by throwing on floor to express her concern over the loyalty shift of over 40 PML-Q parliamentarians.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raymond Davis Issue and politics of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf)

 After killing of three innocent Pakistanis by Raymond Davis--a US citizen, the politics of Pakistan got a big turn and it segregated the people in two sections: Those supporting the victim families and demanding a strict action against Raymond Davis without any foreign pressure and those having soft corner in their hearts for Raymond Davis due to a strong pressure from US government. The fire erupted more when all of a sudden, in a mysterious manner Raymond Davis was released by government of Pakistan through a court decision stating that Blood money has been paid to the victim families as per laws of Sharia.
 Parties which came on roads with full vigor and strength include Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), Jamat e Islami and various religious parties. Imran Khan--the leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf raised the voice of the victim families in a very strong manner at every platform and he was successful to bring a good number of people on roads in nationwide protests against this unjust killing and then unlawful release of Davis. He led rallies in Lahore and Islamabad himself and his party workers staged protests in different parts of the country. PTI held big rallies in Peshawar, Mardan, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Chakwal, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.
 The issue of release of Raymond Davis brought Jamat e Islami and PTI further closer and Syed Munawar Hassan--leader of JI called Imran Khan to have joint protests in Lahore and Islamabad which were attended by a large number of people. The same issue also helped to melt down the ice of enmity and clash between PTI and MQM and Imran Khan's call to Altaf Hussain stunned the political analysts. The two leaders pledged to work together on issues of national interest. Altaf Hussain praised Imran Khan for his bold and just stance on all important issues.
Raymond Davis issue has revealed that Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has now got a huge popularity in all parts of the country especially in Punjab and Pakhtunkhwah and people have realized now that PML-N and PPP can't solve the problems, rather they can only add to the mess. This issue has also revealed that Imran Khan is the only bold leader who can speak eye to eye with America when it comes to the justice for the people of Pakistan.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Politics in Abbottabad (Hazara)--Current party position in District Abbtotttabad

District Abbottabad is considered as the hub or the center of Hazara division and this district has played a prominent role in the politics of Pakistan in past. Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan Abbasi who remained chief minister of N.W.F.P. (Khyper Pakhtunkhwah) and minister of Railways had been elected from national assembly and provincial assembly constituencies of district Abbottabad multiple times. This district has also played a pivotal role in the politics of Mian Mumhammad Nawaz Sharif as he contested and won national assembly elections from NA-18 Abbottabad II against Baba Haider Zaman and reached to the seat of prime minister. Ex-deputy speaker of national assembly, Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob also belongs to district Abbottabad and he won 2002 elections from NA-18 on PML-Q ticket. Aman Ullah Khan Jadoon is also a prominent figure in the politics of Pakistan who hails from district Abbottabad. He remained Petroleum minister in the era of General Musharraf.
District Abbottabad is considered as a strong foothold of PML-N and the history of past two decades shows that PML-N got majority seats from district Abbottabad in both national assembly and provincial assembly elections. Some people even claim that people of district Abbottabad are so blindly trusting PML-N that even if PML-N gives ticket to some dead horse, people will vote for him. However, a loose stance of PML-N on the issue of renaming of N.W.F.P. as Khyber Pakhtunkhwah has ignited a fierce fire in the hearts of people of Hazara against PML-N and its the first time that people of Hazara including district Abbottabad have come openly on streets against PML-N. People of Hazara are now declaring Mian Nawaz Sharif as a Ghandi who betrayed people of Hazara. In all rallies and Jalsas of Tehreek e Soba Hazara, leaders of Suba Hazara Tehreek are openly lashing and criticizing PML-N for its anti-Hazara stance on renaming issue.
PML-Q has taken the most benefit from the sentiments of the people of Hazara and they have managed to get a good space in the hearts of the people of Hazara. In district Abbottabad, it seems that a new soul has been inducted in the dead political life of PML-Q and now Aman Ullah Khan Jadoon, , Sardar Baba Haider Zaman  and Sardar Yaqoob of district Abbottabad, Gohar Ayub of Haripur and Shah Jahan Yousuf of Mansehra are acting as the leaders of Soba Hazara movement. Baba Haider Zaman has announced recently that Tehreek-e-Suba Hazara will contest upcoming elections as a separate party and its thought by political analysts that If Tehreek e Soba Hazara comes united in next elections against PML-N, it may even clean sweep in whole district Abbottabad.
Jamat-e-Islami (JI) is also striving its best to gain some benefits from this movement but it seems that they are not in any position to fight against political giants like PML-N. JI can get a good number of votes only in case of restoration of MMA otherwise all religious parties may get a divided chunk of votes which is meaningless.
 Imran Khan led Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) is also gaining a good momentum in district Abbottabad as well just like other parts of the country and youth is warmly welcoming the revolutionary agenda of PTI. However, PTI hasn't managed to get support of any notable political leaders of the area and it seems that they wont be able to take PML-N eye to eye if they don't make some strong political alliances with other similar minded parties like JI.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Political Parties of Pakistan--An analysis of politcs of Pakistan

People of Pakistan have been betrayed by politicians of all main political parties and each and every major political party has ditched them through hollow slogans. A political  party deceived them on the name of Roti, Kapra and Makan while another political party begged votes on the issue of Lal Majsid and Dr. A.Q. Khan but later after reaching to the assemblies, both of these parties--PPP and PML-N have forgotten the pains of the masses and are trying their best to fool people of Pakistan. PPP is trying to put blame on past for all the sins that they are doing or the sins that they are continuing. On the other hand, PML-N is giving full support to PPP in all his corruption on the name of safety of system. PML-N has given true practical meanings to the term "Friendly opposition".
  MQM is a party which is known for its power tactics. Just like a fish can't survive outside water, MQM can't inhale oxygen without being in power. The past of MQM shows that this party remained in coalition of each and every government setup in one way or other. Ironic part of this game is that at one hand MQM enjoys power and on the other hand, its remote leader and other party leaders keep on blaming its allies and often raise slogans of Inqilab (revolution). MQM is now trying to expand its horizon and come out of Karachi and Hyderabad to other parts of the country. How people of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwah and Hazara will receive this party is another story. People haven't forgotten the bloody past of this Bhatta khor party which is known for its terror activities in Karachi and which always speaks the language of guns and bullets. The language that was used by MQM leader Wasim Akhtar about Punjab and people of Punjab will be never forgotten by the people of Punjab.
  PML-Q was considered as a spare part of the vehicle of General Musharraf and it was thought of most of the political analysts that this party won't be able to get itself integrated and will soon shatter into pieces but it seems that even after many small differences inside this party, it yet remains intact and strong enough. However, in Punjab assembly this party has been badly damaged by lotacracy promotion tactics of PML-N where a big chunk of the party has been disintegrated and have formed a new group with the name of unification block. Even latest election results prove that PML-Q is yet a major political force. In a recent bye election in Shangla Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, PML-Q candidate Rishad Khan won against joint candidate of PPP and ANP.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is considered as the most rapidly growing party of Pakistan which has gained a huge popularity particularly in youth of Pakistan in past couple of months. Imran Khan is working hard to bring a peaceful revolution in the country against corrupt politicians and he has done a remarkable job so far to expose the real face of corrupt politicians of Pakistan. People of Pakistan have a great trust on Imran khan due to his great charity work and social activities and now they have understood that in the field of politics also, he is the only ray of hope who can save Pakistan. Imran Khan has very clear stand on the national issues like Drone Attacks, War on Terror, Raimand Devis case, price hike etc. It seems that in the next general elections, Imran Khan will give a real tough time to the traditional political forces of Pakistan and will emerge as a major political figure in Pakistan.
Religious parties of Pakistan including Jamat-e-Islami, JUI and Sunni Tehreek are also trying hard to play with the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and bring life back in their dead political horse. We have seen a great unity in religious parties of Pakistan during the issue of blasphemy by Asia Bibi and then during protests against Salman Taseer. Now again all religious parties of Pakistan seem united on the issue of Raimend Davis. According to political analysts, now the religious parties are trying to get public support and they are actually doing election campaign for the upcoming elections on the name of these protests. After separation of Maulana Fazl-Ur-Rehman from PPP coalition government, it seems that MMA will be restored again and nation will be made fool once again on the name of religion by these Mullas.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Soba Hazara Movement Progress So far--An analysis of Soba Hazara Movement

  The momentum of Suba Hazara  Tehreek(Hazara Province movement) seems to be decreasing with the passage of time and leaders of Tehreek-e-Soba Hazara are now not as much active as they were in past year but it seems that now each and every political party is in favor of formation of new provinces including Soba Hazara and a separate province for people of Southern Punjab.

PML-Q has supported Suba Hazara movement from day 1 and they have raised voice for Suba Hazara on all forums including National Assembly and Senate. The top leadership of Suba Hazara movement also comes from PML-Q. One might have dozens of differences with past politics of PML-Q but the fact remains that they rightly represented the sentiments of people of Hazara at the time of this move when PML-N has totally betrayed people of Hazara.
 The role of local leadership of Jamat-e-Islami and PPP remains totally hypocritic as they supported renaming of N..W.F.P. as Khyber Pakhtunkhwah in Senate and National Assembly but on the local level, they are trying to keep their politics alive by showing a support to Soba Hazara Movement. Sardar Idrees of PPP who was previously in JUI-F is showing his full support for Province Hazara. Similarly, local leadership of JI is also taking strong part in all activities of Suba Hazara movement.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has also took an active part in this movement so-far and local leadership of PTI and ISF (Insaf Students Federation) have worked on all forums to speak for the rights of the people of Hazara. ISF Abbottabad has played main role in all Jalsa's, rallies and protests of Suba Hazara movement.

  Current state of efforts of people of Hazara under the umbrella of Tehreek-e-Soba Hazara shows that they will finally reach to their destination and will get a unique identity and it seems that time is not very far when a new province with the name of Soba Hazara will emerge on the map of Pakistan.