Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PTI Party Position in Rawalpindi

 After a historic jalsa of PTI in Lahore and then another historic rally in Karachi, PTI has caught attention of politicians and public from all over the country and hundreds of notables from different parties have switched towards PTI and PTI has become a major political force of the country. 
PTI rawalpindi party positionLike all other parts of the country, PTI has also gained a good momentum in Rawalpindi district and many key political figures of Rawalpindi have joined PTI. Sadaqat Ali Abbasi who is Organizer of PTI for Northern Punjab is doing a great work in this regard and he has worked day and night for last several years to strengthen the party at grass root level in all Tehsils of District Rawalpindi. Recently Rashid Hafeez Ex MPA has joined PTI who is a well known political figure of Rawalpindi. Joining of Rashid Hafeez in PTI has given a great boost to PTI in Rawalpindi. Rashid Hafeez was elected an MPA on PML-Q ticket in 2002 elections. 
 Apart from Rashid Hafeez, Raja Tariq Mahboob Kiyani has also joined PTI from Rawalpindi. Tariq Mahboob Kyani is Ex District Nazim and is a well known political figure of the Rawalpindi region. After joining of Tariq Kiyani, political activities of PTI in district Rawalpindi have significantly increased.
 Another well known politician of Rawalpindi who recently joined PTI is Rahat Masood Qudoosi who joined PTI after meeting party Chairman Imran Khan. Pirzada Rahat Masood Qudoosi runs a well known School System in Rawalpindi and he was advisor of Ex-Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi. 
It's important to mention here that Fiaz Ul Hasan Chohan joined PTI about a year back and he is also a very active politician of Rawalpindi. Fiaz Ul Hasan Chohan remained MPA of PML-Q by winning PP-14 elections in 2002. Fiaz Ul Hasan Chohan is very active in mobilizing PTI workers and is working hard at grass root level.
After joining of these notable politicians and with the constant work of PTI workers especially ISF youth, it's expected that PTI will be able to achieve some major milestones in Rawalpindi as well like other parts of the country. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dr Azhar Jadoon Joins PTI

Dr Azhar Jadoon joins PTI
Dr Azhar Jadoon who is a well known social worker, President Pakistan Doctors Associations and runner up of last elections of NA-17 as independent candidate has formally announced to join PTI after having a meeting with PTI chairman Imran Khan at his residence in Islamabad.
Dr Azhar Jadoon is a very popular political figure of district Abbottabad who is very active at grass root level throughout the district for last several years. He contested elections in 2008 as an independent candidate against Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan Abbasi of PML-N and Aman Ullah Khan Jadoon of PML-Q and stood second as Sardar Mehtab won that election. It's important to note here that Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon took more than 38000 votes while Sardar Mehtab grabbed 50 thousands plus votes. Getting such a big number of votes as an independent candidate shows the popularity of Azhar Jadoon in the region.
Others who joined PTI along with Dr Azhar, include Zargul Khan Ex-MPA from Kala Dhaka Mansehra who belonged to PML-Q and Abdur Rehman Abbasi who was runner up in last elections of PF-45 against the son of Sardar Mehtab--Sardar Shamoon Yar Khan. Abdur Rehman Abbasi belongs to Malkot Area of Circle Bakote which is the home town of Sardar Mehtab as well.
After joining of these notables from district Abbottabad, now it's expected that PTI will give a tough time to PML-N which has ruled the region for so long.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I should not Vote for PML-N (Nawaz Sharif)

 People who are fed up of anti-people policies and actions of current Peoples Party government, often ask that why they shouldn't vote for Nawaz Sharif as an alternative and bring a change in Pakistan. Here are top Reasons you should not vote for PML-N:
  • PML-N has been tested twice by the people of Pakistan and they failed to deliver and couldn't bring any change in the fate of the people of Pakistan. 
  • PML-N leaders like Mian Nawaz Sharif, Mian Shahbaz Sharif are doing politics in Pakistan but their assets are outside Pakistan. This results in a lower stake of these politicians in Pakistan. 
  • Tax history of PML-N shows them as "Tax Thieves". An example is the year 2009 in which PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif deposited only 5000 Rs tax.
  • PML-N attacked on supreme court and according to Wiki Leaks, at the time of judiciary restoration movement; PML-N asked America to restore Punjab Government and they could drew themselves out of the movement without any restoration of judiciary.
  • PML-N lacks democracy within the party and a monarchy of one family exists in the party just like PPP. After Nawaz Sharif, it's Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz, Maryam Nawaz, Cpatain Safdar and Abid Sher Ali as leaders in the party who are all in close family relationship with party chief.
  • PML-N leaders ditched all parties in APDM at the time of boycotting the election under Musharraf Regime.
  • PML-N earlier reiterated that they won't accept any PML-Q leader but now, a long list of PML-Q leaders have jumped into PML-N including Zaid Hamid, Abdul Majeed Malik, Tasneem Gardezi,  Major (R) Tahir Iqbal etc.
  • PML-N is a party which was formed by establishment and General Jilani is the main character behind formation of PML-N. PML-N has history of supporting dictators like General Zia.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Politicians List of NRO beneficiaries

NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) is one of the most controversial ordinance in the history of Pakistan and NRO is considered as an ordinance for elite criminals to hide their sins and get a forgiveness for all that they have done by looting the resources of country and doing all sorts of corruption. The list of NRO beneficiaries is quite long and it doesn't include only politicians but also various bureaucrat's and others. 
Here is a compiled list of NRO beneficiaries politicians for your information:

  1. Asif Ali Zardari
  2. Ms Nusrat Bhutto (Late)
  3. Nawab Yousuf Talpur--Ex-MNA
  4. Choudhry Shokat Ali
  5. Haji Kabir--Ex MNA
  6. Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali--Ex Cn ZLC
  7. Jehangir Badar--Ex MNA
  8. Hussain Haqqani--Ex Ambassador to United States
  9. Malik Mushtaq Ahmad Awan--Ex MNA
  10. Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao--MNA
  11. Ghani Ur Rehman--Ex Provincial Minister
  12. Haji Gul Sher--Ex Senator
  13. Habib Ullah Khan Kundi--Ex Provincial Minister
  14. Mir Baz Muhammad Khan Khetran--Ex MNA
  15. Ahmad Mukhtar--Ex Minister
  16. Sardar Mansoor Laghari--Ex Minister
  17. Rana Nazir Ahmad--Ex MNA
  18. Mian Tariq Mahmood--Ex MPA
  19. Agha Siraj Durrani--MPA