Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Notable Political leaders join PTI

PTI is gaining a huge popularity among masses and now when people are fed up of political parties like PML-N and PPP, Imran Khan is the best option for them as a third force. Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has played an important role in judges restoration movement and also have clear stance on issues like War on Terror, Drone Attacks, Corruption etc and this has given a big boost to popularity of PTI.
Now, after seeing a clear success of PTI in various credible international surveys like PEW polls, NEWS WEEK survey etc, a large number of politicians from different parties have started contacting Imran Khan and are joining PTI. 
The first key figure who joined PTI was Justice R Waji Ud Din Ahmed who joined PTI in 2010 and owed to work hard for a positive change in Pakistan by joining hands with Imran Khan. Noor Muhammad Bhaba who was an Ex-MNA from Mailsi also joined Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) about two months back. Others who joined PTI in recent past include Malik Munir Afzal--a ticket holder of PML-N from Narowal, Sardar Mumtaz--a PML-N leader from Attock, Sardar Muhammad Ali--Ex MPA of PML-Q from Attock, Malik Sohail Khan Samryal--a key leader of PML-N from Attock, Qazi Khalid--Ex Tehsil Nazim of Attock, Ex MPA Ijaz Hussain Bukhari and Qazi Mushtaq from Attock. 
Today some notable political personalities of Mardan KPK will join PTI in a press conference headed by Imran Khan. Some key politicians of Mardan formed NDF (National Democratic Front) under the leadership of Khan Muhammad Hoti who won election on ANP ticket but the left ANP. Nawabzada Umar Farooq Hoti--son of Khan Muhammad Hoti will announce to join PTI on this occasion. Other who will join PTI at this occasion include overseas coordinator of PPP Mehrab Gul, Shakir Zareen Gul--Nephew of Ex-MNA of Mansehra Zargul Khan, PPP ticket holder from Chitral Shahzada Nisar Jilani and various other notables of ANP.
Another big name--Chaudhry Ashfaq Taj Joined PTI on 28th of August after meeting with Imran Khan. He is Ex-MNA of PML-N from Shakargarh and his joining in PTI will further strengthen PTI in Shakargarh and its surroundings. 
Imran Khan has also announced that various senior politicians of PML-N, PPP, PML-Q and other parties are in contact with him and  will join PTI soon. Jehangir Tareen is also forming a group of clean electable politicians and they may also join PTI or announce an alliance with PTI.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zulfiqar Mirza Lates Speech about MQM and talking about Afaq Ahmed

Watch latest video of Zulfiqar Mirza at residence of Shahi Syed of ANP in which he uses negative language about Alftaf Hussain and calls him a Badmaash. He speaks aggressively against MQM. Zulfiqar Mirza states that Afaq Ahmad is the real leader of Muhajirs. Watch video of Zulfiqar Mirza in which he says that target killers belong to MQM.

Current Party Position in Pakistan politics

 The politics of Pakistan has got a quick momentum in last few days after MQM left government coalition and went into the opposition benches in national assembly as well as in Sindh Assembly. Unpredictable warm welcoming of PML-N to its close rival MQM in the opposition benches surprised the public and the surprise went up manifold when same party (PML-N) approached MQM to form a grand alliance. PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif, had announced at APC in London a few years back that no coalition will be made ever with MQM and all parties which were there in APC, were of the view that MQM is a terrorist organization and was involved in May, 12 incident of Karachi. 
Currently, PML-N is facing political loneliness and after losing AJK election, PML-N has similar fear in Pakistan's upcoming elections too and to avoid that, such alliances are being proposed by PML-N.

Current Party Position in Pakistan is as follows:
According to PEW polls and also according to the survey of NEWS WEEK, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf ) is the most popular party in Pakistan at the moment due to clear stance and bold politics of Imran Khan. However, PTI lacks good electables from most of the constituencies and to turn this popularity into the assembly seats, PTI will have to look for clean and well positioned candidates in upcoming elections. However, there are chances that many notable politicians may join PTI before upcoming elections.
PML-N is the second most popular party according to current party position in Pakistan. However, Imran Khan's factor may badly damage PML-N and rightist votes may divide resulting in a benefit to parties like PPP and PML-Q.
PPP, despite its poor performance in last three years of governance, yet enjoys a good popularity in Sindh and many parts of Punjab, KPK and Baluchistan. PPP has already won with a big margin in recent Elections of Azad Kashmir while its also having a majority government in Gilgit Baltistan. However, separation of people like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan may damage the vote bank of PPP to some extent.
PML-Q isn't a popular party at all in terms of its ideology but it contains some big names and those names do have their own vote bank which gives PML-Q  a prominent place in the political setup of Pakistan. Recent alliance of PPP and PML-Q is supposed to be long lasting and will result in seat adjustment in next elections which may give a good edge to both parties over their rivals like PML-N, PTI etc.
MQM is the most popular party in Karachi, Hyderabad and some other parts of the Sindh but has failed to get approved by the people of other parts of the country. MQM couldn't win any seat in recent AJK elections. MQM has also start organizing itself in Punjab and other parts of the country as well but isn't yet in any strong position in these areas.
Jamat e Islami (JI) is one of the ideological parties of Pakistan with its own specific but limited vote bank. JI may not win large number of seats in next election but it's sure that any party which will go in an alliance with JI, will get a good number of JI votes. JI has a good vote bank in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, Lahore, Karachi and different other parts of the country. It seems that JI isn't going to join grand opposition alliance with PML-N and MQM due to its reservation over MQM politics.
Parties like ANP and JUI-F also hold a strong position in Khyber Pakhtunkwah and are expected to get few seats in next election. Currerntly ANP is enjoying governance in KPK due to boycott of JI and PTI but it's expected that it won't be able to get this number of seats in next elections due to Imran Khan factor and JI.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PML-N expected grand alliance

PML-N after having a clear defeat in AJK elections despite an alliance/seat adjustment with Jamat-e-Islami (JI) has now become fully alert of the future of its politics in Pakistan as well and now looks highly depressed because of political loneliness. Due to arrogance of Nawaz Sharif, PML-Q faction has gone in the hands of PPP and is now enjoying the governance while some other parties like PTI and other members of APDM are already angry with dual policies of Nawaz Sharif who betrayed them on the boycott issue of 2008 general elections. The trust level of Nawaz Sharif has gone very low now among these parties and convincing these parties to form an alliance with PML-N is really an uphill task.
The most surprising part of the story is newly building relationships between two rivals--PML-N and MQM. The two parties had fierce political fights a few months back in which the leaders of two parties even used low standard cheap words against each other, reaching to the family matters!! PML-N always had a stance that MQM is a terrorist party and a mafia while MQM also had a strong aggressive point of view about the origin of PML-N and most importantly about 1992 operation in Karachi under the government of Nawaz Sharif. Watch the videos below to have a glimpse of how the leaders of the two parties spoke about each other just a few months back:
Here is the video in which MQM leaders Haider Abbas Rizvi and Waseem Akhtar are speaking aggressively against PML-N:

Now watch the video below in which PML-N leader Chaudhry Nisar talks cheaply about MQM leader Altaf Hussain:

PML-N also agreed with all parties in APDM that no party will become a part of any alliance with MQM but now it seems that PML-N has changed its stance and all that it was claiming for so long was just a drama and in reality, they can go to any extreme for their political benefits.
Now question rises that what's position of PTI in this grand alliance? Imran Khan has categorically stated that he will never go with an alliance with any such party whose leaders have undeclared assets and hence any alliance with PML-N isn't acceptable at all by Imran Khan and it seems that he will remain away from any such new game by PML-N.
After making an alliance with PML-N in AJK election, now it's very important that what move is taken by JI regarding this alliance. However, so far JI hasn't decided to become a part of any such alliance.