Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Should I Vote for PTI--Imran Khan?

vote for Imran KhanImran Khan's PTI is gradually becoming more and more popular among masses in parts of the country especially in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwah and not only common people but also notables are joining PTI. PTI's dharna's (sit-in) against drone attacks and then his Jalsas and rallies as "Hakomat Hatao, Mulk Bachao" were heavily participated by the public. Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf considers it as the third option in the country and claim to be a symbol of change to bring a peaceful revolution in the country. People often ask a question that why should we vote for Imran Khan? Why we should Join PTI? How PTI is different from other parties? Here are the answers from a PTI worker for all these questions:
PTI is the only untested party in the current political sitemap of Pakistan and Imran Khan is the only political leader who has no allegations of corruption and even his opponents accept his credibility and his great philanthropist work. Imran Khan is the leader who has served this nation even before coming into power and instead of hollow slogans, Imran Khan gave the gift of Shokat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and NAMAL College to this nation. Another big reason that you should vote for PTI in coming election is the evidence from Wikileaks that Imran Khan is the only politician of Pakistan who speaks eye to eye with America and hasn't shown a dual face. One of the biggest motivation for people of Pakistan to vote for Imran Khan is his principle and consistent stand on War on Terror. What Imran Khan said about 10 years back is now accepted internationally and even the superpower power America is of the view that talks are the only way to deal with Taliban and militants. This was exactly what Imran Khan kept on saying for more than 10 years. Another big reason to vote for Imran Khan is his commitment to root out corruption and bring a just system where all people get their rights and where powerful elite has to pay taxes and this tax money has to be used for betterment of the masses. Imran Khan has categorically said that he will NAB all those political mafias who haven't declared their assets and whose assets are out of the country. If he manages to deal with the corruption, half of the problems of the country can be solved by this only.
Now the question that why should I Join PTI should be easy to understand by you given you have read all above. This is duty of every patriotic Pakistani to support Imran Khan for his noble cause of bringing a systematic change in Pakistan, to save Pakistan from looters and corrupt hypocrite politicians and to bring Pakistan a real Pakistan as per the dreams of Jinah and Iqbal. Every Pakistani should join this noble cause and should work under the brave and honest leadership of Imran Khan so that Pakistan gets a brave leadership, makes it's policies within the country and doesn't take dictation from USA and gets rid of IMF and other international loans. 
How PTI is different from other parties? First thing is that Imran Khan has declared all his assets, he earned money outside but brought it back to Pakistan and so now he is supposed to live and die with Pakistan. Secondly, PTI is not a status quo party and hasn't begged for any support from bureaucracy or military establishment and is based solely on public support. That's the biggest reason that Imran Khan denied Prime ministership offer from General Musharraf as Imran Khan wants change of system and not just a change of faces. 
So based on all arguments, it's high time for people of Pakistan to wake up and join hands with Imran khan to change Pakistan's fate and to bring a new system in Pakistan where justice prevails everywhere and no one is above the law. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Latest News Updates of Tehreek e Soba Hazara

Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara has lost it's momentum and now after a split in the leadership of Sooba Hazara movement after which two factions have been formed in tehreek, people of Hazara are now disappointed from the immature political moves of Tehreek-e-Soba Hazara movement and hopes of formation of new province for people of Hazara have gone very low.
What's the latest update of Soba Hazara movement and what's going on regarding this movement can be observed from the following news items from different newspapers of Hazara division (Daily Shamal Abbottabad and Daily Muhasab Abbottabad).

Sardar Yousuf who is leader of one faction of Tehreek e Soba Hazara is planning to hold a big jalsa in Abbottabad with reference to Sooba Hazara movement in the month of October:

After the split in Soba Hazara movement, PML-N has started criticizing PML-Q local leadership stating that they were just trying to score political points on the name of Soba Hazara movmenet and after getting ministership in the center with an alliance with PPP, now they have forgotten the cause and are enjoying the governance. Sardar Mushtaq who is PML-N leader from Haripur stated that PML-N will form Soba Hazara after coming into power:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Key Politicians from Khyber Pakhtunkhwah Join PTI

 After joining of some key political figures from Attock, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Chitral and various other parts of the country, today some more notable people joined PTI which shows a constantly growing popularity of PTI in the country. Those who joined PTI today include a strong rival of chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwah Brigadier (Retired) Ismael Khan of Mardan and Ahmad Habib Khan Kundi from Dera Ismael Khan. 
Hundreds of supporters of the two politicians also joined PTI. Brigadier (R) Ismael Khan and Habib Khan Kundi announced to join PTI in a press conference headed by PTI chairman Imran Khan in PTI central secretariat in Islamabad. Brigadier (R) Ismael Khan belongs to PF-23 (now PKP-23) Mardan and his joining in PTI will further strengthen PTI in Mardan and will give tough time to Ameer Haider Hoti who is current chief minister of KPK and a key leader of ANP.
Ahmad Habib Khan Kundi who also joined PTI today belongs to a renowned political family of D.I.Khan and is son of Ex-Provincial Minister Habib Khan Kundi. After joining of Ahmad Habib Khan Kundi in PTI, PTI now emerges strongly on the political map of D.I.Khan as well.