Thursday, February 17, 2011

Political Parties of Pakistan--An analysis of politcs of Pakistan

People of Pakistan have been betrayed by politicians of all main political parties and each and every major political party has ditched them through hollow slogans. A political  party deceived them on the name of Roti, Kapra and Makan while another political party begged votes on the issue of Lal Majsid and Dr. A.Q. Khan but later after reaching to the assemblies, both of these parties--PPP and PML-N have forgotten the pains of the masses and are trying their best to fool people of Pakistan. PPP is trying to put blame on past for all the sins that they are doing or the sins that they are continuing. On the other hand, PML-N is giving full support to PPP in all his corruption on the name of safety of system. PML-N has given true practical meanings to the term "Friendly opposition".
  MQM is a party which is known for its power tactics. Just like a fish can't survive outside water, MQM can't inhale oxygen without being in power. The past of MQM shows that this party remained in coalition of each and every government setup in one way or other. Ironic part of this game is that at one hand MQM enjoys power and on the other hand, its remote leader and other party leaders keep on blaming its allies and often raise slogans of Inqilab (revolution). MQM is now trying to expand its horizon and come out of Karachi and Hyderabad to other parts of the country. How people of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwah and Hazara will receive this party is another story. People haven't forgotten the bloody past of this Bhatta khor party which is known for its terror activities in Karachi and which always speaks the language of guns and bullets. The language that was used by MQM leader Wasim Akhtar about Punjab and people of Punjab will be never forgotten by the people of Punjab.
  PML-Q was considered as a spare part of the vehicle of General Musharraf and it was thought of most of the political analysts that this party won't be able to get itself integrated and will soon shatter into pieces but it seems that even after many small differences inside this party, it yet remains intact and strong enough. However, in Punjab assembly this party has been badly damaged by lotacracy promotion tactics of PML-N where a big chunk of the party has been disintegrated and have formed a new group with the name of unification block. Even latest election results prove that PML-Q is yet a major political force. In a recent bye election in Shangla Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, PML-Q candidate Rishad Khan won against joint candidate of PPP and ANP.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is considered as the most rapidly growing party of Pakistan which has gained a huge popularity particularly in youth of Pakistan in past couple of months. Imran Khan is working hard to bring a peaceful revolution in the country against corrupt politicians and he has done a remarkable job so far to expose the real face of corrupt politicians of Pakistan. People of Pakistan have a great trust on Imran khan due to his great charity work and social activities and now they have understood that in the field of politics also, he is the only ray of hope who can save Pakistan. Imran Khan has very clear stand on the national issues like Drone Attacks, War on Terror, Raimand Devis case, price hike etc. It seems that in the next general elections, Imran Khan will give a real tough time to the traditional political forces of Pakistan and will emerge as a major political figure in Pakistan.
Religious parties of Pakistan including Jamat-e-Islami, JUI and Sunni Tehreek are also trying hard to play with the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and bring life back in their dead political horse. We have seen a great unity in religious parties of Pakistan during the issue of blasphemy by Asia Bibi and then during protests against Salman Taseer. Now again all religious parties of Pakistan seem united on the issue of Raimend Davis. According to political analysts, now the religious parties are trying to get public support and they are actually doing election campaign for the upcoming elections on the name of these protests. After separation of Maulana Fazl-Ur-Rehman from PPP coalition government, it seems that MMA will be restored again and nation will be made fool once again on the name of religion by these Mullas.

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