Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PTI potential candidate from PF-45 Abbottabad (PKPK-45) for upcoming elections

District Abbottabad is considered as a stronghold of PML-N where PMLN has been winning both national assembly and provincial assembly seats for last two decades (except for 2002 elections under Pervez Musharraf in which PML-Q also managed to win from this region). Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan who remained Chief Minister of NWFP (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwah) and also Federal Minister for Railways and is currently a MNA also hails from Village Malkot Union Council Palak located in PF-45 area of district Abbottabad. His son Sardar Shamoon Yar Khan is MPA from this constituency currently while his close relative Sardar Mumtaz was MPA in last tenure from this constituency.
Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has given clues of contesting against these political giants in upcoming elections and to break the so-called monarchy of Sardar family from the region. Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman Abbasi who was a member of district council in last local government has joined PTI and is expected to get PTI ticket for PF-45 (PKPK 45) in upcoming elections. Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman is a close relative of Raja Mumtaz Ur Rehman Abbasi and is considered as a strong political figure who can really give a tough time to Sardars because of multiple reasons. The foremost of these reasons is a growing popularity of PTI in the area especially among educated youth. Imran Khan's jalsa in Khaira gali about three years back was warmly attended by a large population of the area showing their anger and hatred with the inheritance politicians of Sardar family. Sardar Mehtab failed to provide even basic necessities of life to the people of area and many villages of this constituency don't even have schools, hospitals and proper roads--what to say about colleges or universities.
In such a situation, Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman can really take a good benefit of the situation and can upset the political scenario of district Abbottabad. It's expected that Tehreek e Soba Hazara leader Baba Haider Zaman and other leaders of Sooba Hazara Tehreek will also announce their support for Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman if he gets a ticket of PTI. There are also signs of a seat adjustment or alliance between Jamat e Islami (JI) and PTI in the area so that PTI may support JI candidate Alhaj Habib Ur Rehman for National assembly seat (NA 17) and in return, JI may support Raja Mubeen Ur Rehman for provincial assembly seat.

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