Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Latest News Updates of Tehreek e Soba Hazara

Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara has lost it's momentum and now after a split in the leadership of Sooba Hazara movement after which two factions have been formed in tehreek, people of Hazara are now disappointed from the immature political moves of Tehreek-e-Soba Hazara movement and hopes of formation of new province for people of Hazara have gone very low.
What's the latest update of Soba Hazara movement and what's going on regarding this movement can be observed from the following news items from different newspapers of Hazara division (Daily Shamal Abbottabad and Daily Muhasab Abbottabad).

Sardar Yousuf who is leader of one faction of Tehreek e Soba Hazara is planning to hold a big jalsa in Abbottabad with reference to Sooba Hazara movement in the month of October:

After the split in Soba Hazara movement, PML-N has started criticizing PML-Q local leadership stating that they were just trying to score political points on the name of Soba Hazara movmenet and after getting ministership in the center with an alliance with PPP, now they have forgotten the cause and are enjoying the governance. Sardar Mushtaq who is PML-N leader from Haripur stated that PML-N will form Soba Hazara after coming into power:

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