Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Reasons to Vote for PTI

why vote for pti
In next election, like hundreds of thousands of other young educated people of Pakistan, I also aim to vote for PTI and I support Imran Khan. This is not because of any personal affiliation or personal love with Imran Khan as an individual, rather it's based on some solid reasons. Here are 10 Reasons which attract me towards Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and make my mind to vote for PTI:

  1. All other parties like PPP and PML-N are tested multiple times and they failed to deliver and to meet expectations of the people of Pakistan. These parties became family parties and gave rise to a monarchy disguised as a democracy.
  2. PTI's manifesto and its 15+ years struggle is another reason of my attraction. Imran Khan continued his struggle and never lost hope. He never compromised on his principles and rejected the offer of seats by PML-N in 1997 and then Prime ministership offer by Pervez Musharaf was also rejected by him. Although, he did a mistake of supporting Musharaf in his referendum but later he not only accepted his mistake but also sought pardon from the public. This attribute of admitting a mistake is only associated with the leaders of high character.
  3. Imran Khan served this nation even before coming into any power. With the help of the people of Pakistan, he made Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer hospital and Research center in Lahore. He also opened NAMAL college in Mianwali where syllabus of Bradford University UK is being taught and students are getting UK degree at nominal charges. A leader who has pain of his fellow people in his heart can do such great work. 
  4. Imran Khan has a very clear, just and bold stance on all national and international issues. His just stance on war on terror greatly delights me. He is the only leader in Pakistan who is raising the voice for people being killed in Drone Attacks. 
  5. Imran Khan doesn't have even a single charge of corruption and even his opponents admit his integrity and honesty.
  6. Imran Khan earned the money outside Pakistan but brought all his assets in Pakistan and proved himself a genuine Pakistani leader. Only those leaders who have stake in Pakistan, can be sincere with the country and those who have their assets undeclared and outside Pakistan, can't be sincere with Pakistan.
  7. Imran Khan's stance on corruption and his determination to root out the menace of corruption also appeals me. Pakistan can progress only if corruption is controlled and justice is done with every one.
  8. Even WikiLeaks proved that Imran Khan is the only political figure in Pakistan who is free from any dictation from USA. He is against slavery of USA by getting dollars for so-called war on terror and considers it an insult of Pakistani nation.
  9. Unlike other political leaders who are so much afraid that can't even speak to public rallies without bullet proof glass, Imran Khan is a bold and fearless leader who mingles in the public without any fear. He genuinely proved himself as a public leader (Awami Leader) by sleeping on the ground in Peshawar Dharna without any fear.
  10. PTI never compromised on principles and just on principle stand, they boycotted 2008 elections and stood strong with lawyers movement and judiciary. 

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