Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peace process in Swat and Video drama

It seems that some hidden forces don't want to see a peace in the Swat region and want to maintain a state of turmoil and lawless ness in that area. The people of Swat felt great happiness over the peace accord between provincial government and the local Talibans and their normal life has been restored but now with the drama of fake video, it seems that this calm environment is not going to sustain!
It's quite meaningful and pointable that why this video was braught into the media at the time when president Zardari was about to sign the Nizam-e-Adal? Even if the video is original (which I dont believe!) then why it was not braught in the media before?
And now, open opposition of Swat accord by Richard Holbrooke and Admiral Mullen has lifted the curtain from the fact that America and Pro-Americans dont want the success of this accord and they are the real culprits behind this fake video drama!!!!

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