Thursday, April 16, 2009

Talibanization or Islamization?

With the acceptance of Nizam-e-Adal regulation from the pariliment of Pakistan, so-called liberal and moderate forces are making a big hue and cry and they are considering it an open appreciation of millitancy and Talibaniation.
Democracy always obeys the wishes and sentiments of the masses. If the people of Swat are in favour of Islamization and if the constitution of Pakistan also accepts the separate dealing of Malakand agency then this protest and opposition is beyond understanding. Why these liberals are mingling Talibanization with Islamization? In fact this Islamization is the only way to get rid of Talibanization! This is the only way to stop the "public acceptance" of millitant activities. This is the only way for the government to strengthen its roots back in the public.
Nobody denies that the entire Pakistan movement was based on "Two nation theory" and Islam and islamic system was a key slogan during that movement. If it's so then why islamization or Islamic judicial system is paining to some of our Pakistani friends?
Nation needs not to play in the hands of NGOs working under the directions of western lords for their vested interests. It's high time for our government as well as public to change their mindsets to find some way in between the two extremes--Talibans and west.

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