Friday, May 29, 2009

How to tackle Talibanization in Pakistan?

After millitary operation in Swat, the frequency of bombing in the cities of Pakistan has also increased which is supposed to be the reaction of this operation! Is it really a reaction? Are the Talibans so powerful and tactfull?
In the fight of two parties, third party which is usually a common enemy, always takes the benefit and tries to fulfill it's hidden motives. Without even the initial investigations, our government feels no hesitation to put the blame on Talibans and thus relaxing those foreign agencies and foreign elements who try to get advantge of the turmoil.
No, doubt, such bombings can't be justified and the culprits can't be appreciated but the question of concern is that how much investigations have been done in this regard and how much of them point clearly to the Talibans? If an anonymous caller claims to be a Taliban and takes the responsiblity of an attack, is it sufficient proof? Definitely not.
The need of the day is to revise our policies, improve the infra-structure of our judicial and investigation system and try to expose the reality.

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