Monday, December 28, 2009

Pakistan's Politics in 2009

2009 is about to end with alot of ups and downs, ins and outs in the Politics of Pakistan. This post throws some light on the major happenings of the year in the political scene:

* The Politics of PPP
Pakistan Peoples Party inspite of having power in Center as well as in Sindh, Baluchistan and N.W.F.P. remained under a big turmoil throughout the year. First, it had to face a big public and political pressure on the issue of restoration of judiciary and then it came under the fire of NRO. The strong alliance with ANP, MQM and JUI-F saved the boat of PPP from drowning but yet it's position remained shaky throughout the year.
The rising inflation, the shortage of Gas, Electricity, sugar and flour crisis and many other such issues brought the popularity graph of PPP to a very minimum level.
* The Politics of PML-N
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz gained a huge popularity by having a clear and strong stance on the judiciary issue but the party leadership failed to maintain it's level of popularity because of it's soft tone of opposition in the national assembly! The party enjoyed the tastes of both opposition and alliance with the ruling party by keeping a silence over many issues of national interests. The party also failed to bring a clear and unanimous decision about the operation in Swat. Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan kept on opposing such millitary operations but on the other hand, the party as a whole supported this operation.
PML-N also failed to raise its voice against growing inflation, lawlessness and American Drone attacks within the territory of Pakistan.
* The Politics of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Imran Khan is one of the few leaders who remained straight and bold against american drone attacks and he vocally opposed any sort of millitary operations by the Pakistan army inside the country's border. He raised his voice for dialog and for peaceful settlement of all disputes with Taliban in Swat and Tribal areas.
Imran Khan also raised his voice at every forum against the corruption of the rulers and for the rights of the people of Pakistan. He played significant role in the movement of restoration of judiciary.
Jamat-e-Islami also played a very active role in the politics of Pakistan (outside parliment) and the new Ameer of JI--Munawar Hassan raised the momentum of the party activities after retirement of Qazi Hussain Ahmad. The party had a very clear stance against military operations and Drone attacks. The party is holding country wide protests against American involvement in the country's affairs and people are actively participating in the "Go America Go Rallies " of JI.

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