Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bye Election in NA-55 Rawalpindi--a comparisons of candidates

After the resignation of PML-N MNA Haji Pervez who was involved in a Fraud of trying to clear his F.A. examination with the help of his nephew, now Election in this constituency are to be held on 24th February. After announcement of schedule by election commission, campaigning by the candidates of various parties have started and different parties are trying to grab the seat through coalitions, merges and some catchy slogans.
The main contesters for this Election are Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad of Awami Muslim League, Shakeel Awan of PML-N, Ijaz Khan Jazi of PTI and Dr Kamal of JI. PPP hasn't decided to run in this battle yet!
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has started his campaign very vigorously and he is using his full energies to let the people of the area forget his past and he is constantly reciting about the development work that was made by him. He is also trying to convince the people that he had no role in the wide killings in Lal Masjid and is trying to present himself as a Mujahid. His regular visits to various notable Ulema of the constituency is a part of his strategy to get support of Religious groups in the city.
On the other hand, Shakeel Awan of PML-N who was a former General councilor, is claiming to be a representative of middle class of society and boasts to have a clear win against opponents. He is strongly backed by a large number of PML-N MPAs from the area, Hanif Abbasi and Chadhry Nisar Ali Khan--Opposition Leader in the national assembly. He is trying hard to regain the party's popularity which was badly damaged by the deeds of Haji Pervez. The vote bank of PML-N has also greatly fallen because of the party's poor opposition role in the national assembly and it's friendly opposition role. Party also failed to synchronize it's voice with the voice of the poor people on the issues of growing inflation, shortage of Sugar, Gas and electricity and growing intensity of terrorism.
Ijaz Khan Jazi is the Candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and he has got a great support from the people of the constituency especially from the youth. The just and clear stand of Imran Khan on the issues of war on terror, Drone Attacks, NRO, Baluchistan Issue and the Judiciary issue has made the party, the most popular party of Pakistan. It seems that if Ijaz Khan Jazi continues campaigning with current momentum and if Imran khan also visits Rawalpindi for four or five times in his campaign, he can win the seat and can become the first symbol of Change.
Dr Kamal of JI is also a notable personality of the region but JI seems not to be in a winning position inspite of the party's clear and strong stand against America's involvement in the country's internal affairs.
It's hoped that February 24th Election will bring an educated, civilized and talented personality forward and hopefully hypocrite politicians will get a revenge from the people of Rawalpindi.

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