Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bye Election in NA-21 Party Position

After the demise of Faiz Muhammad Khan--MNA from Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) now once again Election campaigning is at its full swing in NA-21 Mansehra. The main contesters are Nawabzada Salahuddin from PPP, Haji Tahir Ali of PML-N, Haji Laiq Ali of JUI (F), Niaz Khan Sarkheli of PTI and Zargul Khan of PML-Q.
PPP's campaign is being driven in a very fast pace through mega projects announcements under the supervision of Federal government and the people of Mansehra are being lured by sweet but hollow slogans of PPP. PPP which never looked at the miseries of the people of this area during it's government in the last one year has suddenly changed its mood and now promising to change the fate of the people of this constituency. PPP is announcing to provide gas, spread a network of roads and open hundreds of new schools in the area.
PML-N has given ticket to brother of Captain (R) Safdar--Haji Tahir who is campaigning with a wide support of PML-N MNAs like His brother Captain Safdar, Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan and Murteza Javed Abbasi. It's believed that PML-N candidate will also take benefit of some sympathy votes. But critics state that Haji Tahir is not a notable and well known personality of the region and he has no significant contribution in the politics of the region in the past.
Haji Laiq Ali of JUI-F is gaining popularity very rapidly because of a disciplined campaigning of Federal Minister for Science and Technology Azam Sawati who hails a very good reputation in the area. It's believed that Haji Laiq Ali will be giving a tough time to its opponents. Ironically, instead of all the "doubtful" politics of JUI chief Molana Fazl ur Rehman, Haji Laiq Ali is gaining wide public support probably because of the religious mindedness of the people of this constituency.
PTI is also a big force in this race and Niaz Khan Sarkheli of PTI is also campaigning slowly but steadily. PTI chairman Imran Khan also visited the constituency and addressed a large gathering there and this speech of such an iconic personality has shifted the minds of the people to a greater extent. Niaz Khan Sarkheli is also taking full benefit of just and clear stand of PTI over Judiciary issue and other issues of national itnerest like Drone Attacks, Military operations inside the country, american involvement in internal affairs, rising inflation, shortage of gas, electricity and other commodities.
Zargul Khan of PML-Q is trying to grab public support and is campaigning heavily under the leadership of Sardar Yousuf, Shahzada Gustasab Khan and Shahjahan Yousuf. He is trying his best to wash the stains that are associated with his party because of supporting military dictator General Musharaf and supporting Musharaf in Lal Masjid and Waziristan operation.
Jamat-e-Islami candidate and an independent candidate Molana Rabnawaz of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan are also in the field but lack the capability to reach to winning point.

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