Thursday, March 11, 2010

NA-123 election Results and future predictions

In Bye elections of NA-123 Lahore at 10 March, PML-N candidate Pervez Malik has won with a clear margin securing 45889 votes while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Candidate Mian Hamid Miraj stood runner up grabbing 9440 votes. Big boasting candidate of Jamat-e-Islami Hafiz Salman Butt could get only 2900 votes and stood third in the contest.
Success of PML-N candidate in this bye election is not very surprising as this region is considered a strong hold of Nawaz League for a long time and also because of the fact that PML-N is sitting government in the Province and fully used Government machinery in the election process. The campaign of Malik Pervez was run and directed by party top leadership and it's stated that some ministers also played their role in this campaign.
Surprising thing is this election is very poor performance of JI candidate who is even badly defeated by PTI candidate Hamid Miraj. Around 10,000 votes of Hamid Miraj of PTI should raise the eye brows of political analysts and they should realize that now people are considering PTI as an alternative to two old ruling parties and in future Imran Khan will b getting more support from the masses. Imran Khan and his party has gained great popularity in the public in the recent past due to his just and fair stand on different national and intrenational issues.
JI which couldn't get even 3000 votes in spite of the support of PML-Q should now know that nation can't be deceived now by hollow slogans and on the name of Islam. Nation knows that JI enjoyed government in N.W.F.P. in last tenure but couldn't deliver to the public and also couldn't do any thing for Islam in his reign.
Hopefully NA-123 election will have a great impact on the overall politics of the country.

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