Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top Ten Political Talk Shows of Pakistani Television Channels

Political Talk shows on different Pakistani TV Channels like Geo News, Express News, Dawn News, ARY, Dunya News etc are very popular and everyday, political talk shows aired from these TV channels get millions of views from Pakistan and outside Pakistan.
Based on a survey conducted on the common people of Pakistan; following are the Top 10 Political talk shows of Pakistani Urdu Channels:
  1. Capital Talk
Host: Hamid Mir
Channel: Geo News
Details: Capital Talk is the most popular political talk show of Pakistan which is aired from Geo News at 8:05PM  from Monday to Friday. In Capital Talk, Hamid Mir invites renowned political figures from different political parties of Pakistan and various national and international level issues are discussed in this TV show. Capital Talk is the longest run TV show in Pakistan's electronic media history. 

2. Aapas Ke Bat

Host: Najam Sethi
Channel: Geo News
 Details: Najam Sethi is a well known political analyst, known for his valuable political analyses. In this program Aapas Ke bat Najam Sethi analyzes political happenings, political parties activities and various other political aspects in his own way. This program is very popular among public and people give due weightiness to his views.

3. Off The Record
Host: Kashif Abbasi
Channel: ARY News
Details: Kashif Abbasi is an anchor person on ARY News and his program Off the Record is known because of his bold steps and unbiased approach. Kashif Abbasi invites key politicians from various parties in his show and discusses political situation in the country and all around the world with his guests.

4. Bolta Pakistan
Host: Nusrat Javed, Mushtaq Minhas
Channel: Aaj TV
Details: Bolta Pakistan is a popular program aired from Aaj TV in which two well known analysts--Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas discuss socio-political issues. However, Nusrat Javed is not much liked by public due to his negative and biased views for some of the political leaders.

5. Aaj Kamran Khan K sath
Host: Kamran Khan
Channel: Geo News

Details: Kamran Khan is perhaps the best analyst of Pakistan's politics who hosts the program Aaj Kamran Khan K sath, every night at 11PM and throws a light on all current political happenings in a very decent manner. He is known for his unbiased and decent political analyses.

6. Khari Bat with Mubashar Luqman
Host: Mubashar Luqman
Channel: Dunya News
Details: Mubashar Luqman, who was in Express News earlier with the program Point Blank with Luqman, now hosts a political talk show on Dunya News with the name Khari Bat With Mubashar Luqman. He is known for his straight forward and frank approach. He often asks very tough and hard questions to his guests.
3. Jawab dey
Host: Muhammad Iftikhar
Channel: Geo News

7. Kal Tak
Host: Javed Chaudhry
Channel: Express News
Details: Kal Tak is a political talk show aired from Express News, hosted by a well known anchor and columnist Javed Chaudhry. Javed Chaudhry has a very good grip on political situation of Pakistan and in his talk show, he asks very interesting and great questions to his guests. His program is very popular among public.

8. Crossfire with Mehr Bukhari
Host: Mehr Bukhari
Channel: Dunya News

9. In Session
Host: Asma Chaudhry
Channel: Dunya News

10. 11th Hour with Waseem Badami
Host: Waseem Badami
Channel: ARY News
Details: Waseem Badami's program is aired from ARY News at 11PM.

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