Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PTI Abbottabad Elections--Sher Bahadur Khan elected as District Organizer

 PTI Abbottabad is facing an internal rift and division for long time and despite some serious efforts by PTI center, differences continued to grow and because of this lack of unity among PTI local leadership of district Abbottabad, PTI failed to emerge as a major political force in the region and couldn't even cash properly on the issue of Soba Hazara. However, a recent development in PTI Abbottabad is quite satisfying and giving hope to the workers and well wishers of PTI. This development is--Elections held in PTI central secretariat Islamabad for PTI district Abbottabad Organizer position.
Both factions of PTI from Abbottabad contested in the elections held under the supervision of Col. (R) Aman Ullah Khan and Sardar Azhar Tariq. Malik Mohabat Khan was candidate from Asif Zubair Sheikh group while Sher Bahadur Khan was a candidate from the other group. 14 out of 15 PCOs cast their vote in the election and  Sher Bahadur Khan was announced as winner who grabbed 8 votes while Mohabat Khan got 6 votes. The good news for PTI supporters is that both the leaders pledged to work together with mutual understanding and with unity as Mohabbat Khan congratulated Sher Bahadur Khan on his victory.
It's expected that now tension between groups of PTI in Abbottabad will diffuse and they will work with full dedication and sincerity for the party and will strengthen and organize party at every level in the district.
PTI district abbottabad election result

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