Monday, October 24, 2011

PTI Lahore Jalsa and PMLN Negative Tactics

 Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has announced a public meeting (Jalsa) at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on 30th October as part of it's "Hakumat Hato Mulk Bachao" movement and this Jalsa announcement has totally shaken the politics of Punjab and all of a sudden, all political parties have started a power show competition in Punjab. PTI and PML-N are both in a strong political rivalry in Punjab and both are claiming to have support of people of Lahore. PML-N considers Lahore as i'ts political fort while on the other hand, PTI claims that now Lahore is of PTI and no more of Kings of Rawened.
PTI Lahore Jalsa Minar e Pakistan 30th october 2011

After joining of Mian Azhar in PTI, momentum of PTI's political activities in Lahore has also gone very high. There is a lot of support for PTI in Lahore and in bi-elections of previous year, despite of all rigging by PML-N, PTI candidate Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar got over 20 thousands votes which shows the popularity of PTI among people of Lahore. Mian Hamid Miraj also contested from a national assembly seat from Lahore in Bi elections and he also stood second and got about 10 thousands votes.
PML-N is badly confused and has started cheap negative tactics to sabotage the jalsa of PTI. PML-N has announced a rally in Lahore on 28th of October which, according to most of the political analysts, is just to tackle the growing popularity of Imran Khan in Lahore. PML-N's district government has also imposed very dictatorial restrictions on the jalsa of PTI and PTI's banners and posters are being removed by local government from the whole Lahore. Surprisingly, PML-N enjoys all the relaxation and there is no restriction imposed on their rally. 
Despite all the hurdles by PML-N, it's believed that PTI will be able to show a huge majority at Minar e Pakistan on 30th and tsunami of people over there, will wipe out all the rotten eggs of Punjab and will lead to a new political scenario in the region. Mian Azhar, Zaheer Abbas Khokhar, Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed, Ahsan Rasheed, Dr. Murad Ross, Mian Hamid Miraj, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Ashraf Bara and other political leaders of PTI are working hard to mobilize the people of Lahore and to bring maximum number of people towards Minar e Pakistan Jalsa of PTI.

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