Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baseless Allegations of PML-N on Imran Khan and the reality

After a historic jalsa of PTI in Lahore and then seeing a tsunami of change in the whole country, PML-N has started dirty politics of baseless allegations on Imran Khan just they did at the time of 1997 elections. PML-N MNA Hanif Abbasi who left Jamat e Islami and joined PML-N for 2008 elections ticket, made some serious yet baseless allegations on PTI chairman Imran Khan.
Hanif Abbasi accused Imran Khan that in 1987, Punjab chief minister Mian Nawaz Sharif gave him a plot on the condition of not selling it but Imran Khan sold it for personal benefits. The fact remains totally different as Imran Khan cleared his position in another TV show. Imran Khan told public that after 1987 worldcup and then after 1992 world cup, every player of Pakistan cricket team was awarded a plot as a reward for their brilliant performance and so was the case with Imran Khan. Imran Khan later donated both of these plots to Shokat Khanum Memorial Hospital and so their remains no truth in stupid allegations of PML-N MNA Hanif Abbasi. 
 Second allegation of Hanif Abbasi on PTI Chairman Imran Khan was that Shokat Khanum boards of directors is taking more than 100,000 Rupees pay each. SKMH boar of directors have reacted very strongly on this false accusation and said that all of them are working voluntarily and not taking even a penny as pay.  They further said that they reserve the right of going in court against Hanif Abbasi who tried to put false allegations on a charity hospital where more than 70 percent patients are being treated freely. Shokat Khanum Memorial cancer hospital's board also rejected Hanif Abbasi's allegations that Imran Khan's own relatives are in Board of directors. Board said that there are 22 members of this board and only 3 are Imran Khan's relatives and none is getting any salary over there. 
Amir Mughal who is PTI Islamabad leader, while talking to Express News categorically denied all these baseless allegations of PML-N on PTI chairman and said that PML-N is trying to divert the attention of public from its corruption and for this they are trying to blame Imran Khan. 

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