Saturday, December 3, 2011

Is PTI a establishment supported party?

Imran Khan and establishment After an immense popularity of PTI and historic public rally at Minar-e-Pakistan, PML-N has started a blame game against PTI. thousands of common people and hundreds of electable from different parties are moving towards PTI and looking at the situation, PML-N and other status quo parties have started feeling insecurity and they are afraid of this growing popularity of PTI in all regions of the country. PML-N has started a media war against PTI and several key leaders of PML-N are accusing that establishment is supporting PTI. 
Is establishment behind PTI? Certainly not. The struggle of PTI started in 1997 and Imran Khan and his party workers kept on working on their principles and they showed a strong stand on all issues of local, national and international level. Here is an answer to PML-N propaganda against PTI:
  • Only those parties or political leaders seek support of establishment or any hidden forces who come into the politics for grabbing money or to hide their corruption. PTI leader could easily come into power by accepting Musharaf's deal but he didn't. Musharaf offered him to be the prime minister but he  took a principle stand and preferred to be in opposition than to act as a dummy PM.
  • Those who want to earn a name by coming into power, seek help from establishment. Imran Khan got a name internationally through his cricket profession and didn't need any more. He is in politics not to earn a name, but to serve this nation.
  • Imran Khan never met ISI chief or Army chief in dark nights like Chaudhry Nisar or Mian Shahbaz Sharif. He met once with General Shujah Pasha and disclosed it publicly and said that only war on terror was the agenda of discussion. He always criticized role of Pakistan government and army in so-called war on terror. How a establishment supported leader can speak so boldly like him.
  • Thousands of young people like me are supporting him not because of any ISI influence or so. We all support him because of his principle stance on all issues, his great charity work, his bold policy statements, his vision to bring Pakistan into a state where it can stand on its own feet and because of the dark scenario that has been created by other family politicians.
  • Imran Khan could have taken a good number of seats in 2008 elections because of his active role in judiciary movement, but on principles, he sacrificed and didn't contest the elections. A leader who stands on principles doesn't need any establishment support to come into power.

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