Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Imran Khan PTI Party Position in Hazara

 Like all other parts of the country, PTI is becoming extremely popular in Hazara division also after joining of some notable political leaders from Haripur, Mansehra and Abbottabad in PTI. Popularity graph of PTI in Hazara has reached to a very high level which has become a serious threat for PML-N, PML-Q and other parties who have been the major forces in Hazara division for so long.
Imran Khan after having huge public rallies in Lahore, Attock, Peshawar, Mardan and other parts of the country, entered in Hazara division and held a huge Jalsa in Khanpur on 15th December. In this jalsa Raja Amir Zaman announced to join PTI. Raja Amir Zaman is ex-district Nazim of Haripur and he has a strong political background and is very popular among masses in Haripur. In this jalsa of PTI, more than 50 thousand people gathered and it was considered the biggest jalsa in the history of Khanpur.
pti haripur hazara jalsaJust two days after the successful jalsa of PTI in Khanpur Haripur, Imran Khan entered again in Hazara and held another massive jalsa in Ghazi, Haripur. According to sources, more than 60 thousand people were present in this occasion. Before speaking on this jalsa, another prominent figure of Haripur, Yousuf Ayub announced to join PTI in a press conference. In this jalsa various top class political leaders of PTI were present including Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Omar Cheema, Khawaja Khan Muhammad Hoti, Asad Qaisar, Shah Farman, Sardar Khan, Kamal Ghaznavi, Asif Zubair Shaikh and Zahid Kazmi.
 In both jalsas of PTI in Hazara, ISF played key role in public mobilization to bring maximum people towards jalsa. Success of PTI jalsa in Khanpur and Ghazi has proved that Imran Khan is becoming a real power in all parts of the country and will be giving a tough time to his political rivals.
Another breakthrough for PTI in politics of Mansehra Hazara came in the form of Azam Sawati who joined PTI after resigning from his senate seat of JUI-F. Azam Khan Sawati is a key political figure of Mansehra who became famous after exposing the corruption of federal minister for religious affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi.  Azam Swati is a very clean political leader who brought all his assets in Pakistan. He didn't take any salary or incentives from government even during his ministry. Joining of Azam Swati in PTI will give PTI a big boost in Mansehra.
PTI has got a big strength in District Abbottabad too after joining of Khursheed Azam Khan in PTI. Khursheed Azam Khan is ex-MPA of PML-N and he belongs to Havelian Tehsil of Abbottabad. PTI has also got a lot of public support in other parts of district Abbottabad including Lora, Seer Sharqi, Seer Gharbi, Circle Bakote and other parts of Galyat. 

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